Tuesday, January 23, 2007

On the wire

Intuition urged me to look out the bedroom window. Cooper's Hawk was on the wire.

I was going to go get more meal worms and maybe some groceries. It is hard for me to leave home.
I just want to watch the birds.


Deb said...

I clicked on your photos of Cooper's Hawk to enlarge - he is stunning - those eyes!

Q said...

Dear Deb,
Cooper's hawk is awsome!
I took lots of photos and posted rather quickly. I have a couple other pictures that are "better".
This Hawk does not come every day. Normally I see him a couple times a week. I do not always get a chance to take his picture.
Whenever he comes it is dramatic, same with the Red Tailed Hawks. They are very large and do make my heart skip a beat!
There are smaller Hawks in our area. I have not seen them in the yard.
Clicking on the photos is a nice feature. I sometimes do that too just to see how the photos look to others. When I have to take 'father away" pics I always hope people will click to see the full image. I am thinking of increasing the pixels on the camera. I think it would help with far away clarity. I will have to read the owners manual again for the camera to see how to do that!
My Animal Speaks book says Hawks are messengers.
Stay warm. You had a nice snow storm.