Friday, January 12, 2007

Mocking Bird

Mocking Bird has started to talk with me. He comes to the Crab tree by my desk.
I watched as he flew down to the small bird bath near the front porch.
The water was frozen. He was not pleased.


Deb said...

One of the many reasons I enjoy visiting your blog is that I am seeing so many birds for the first time - I have never seen a Mocking bird - and he is lovely!!

Q said...

Hi Deb,
I bet you have birds I have never seen too!
The joy of bird watching is getting to know all the different birds. When we travel we always hope to see birds we can not see in our area. We enjoy water fowl and we have a few lakes near by and rivers but not the ocean! Some Northern birds, up by you, never come as far South as me.
I am so happy to introduce you to the birds in my backyard!
Last summer I was able to photograph many butterflies. I began learning their names. My gardening has expanded to include more butterfly habitat. Soon we will have a complete edilble landscape. Food for the humans and birds and bugs and the four legged creatures.
It always pleases me to see new birds and bugs since I live in the city and we have some traffic out front. Having the cemetary across the street helps. They have lots of trees and the birds come over for food. I would so love to encourage the Blue Birds to come over. I saw one last summer for a minute at the feeders. On an evening walk we saw a nest of Blue Birds in the cemetary. I know some are close by. If I keep the meal worms going and the Blue Birds find them I know they will be regular visitors as they love meal worms. As I have learned lots of birds do!
I could just go on and on about the birds. I know you love them too and it is a joy to meet another "birder".
Bird songs for you,