Thursday, January 11, 2007


As I watched the Cardinals today I thought about Valentines Day. The Firebush gave a nice perch.
The light changed as I was taking pictures.
Any of these would make nice cards.
If only I could get the male and the female together on a branch that would be a great photo for Valentine's Day cards. I could do Chick-a-dees or Carolina Wrens or.......hummm.


The French Nest said...

I think you have a career in photography! I would love to see these pictures in a bird book and I know just the person I would buy it mum!

Q said...

Thanks French Nest!
Perhaps a book called "Backyard Birds"??? I think I have enough photos of just the Carolina Wren to fill a book!!
I would love to encourage everyone to hang suet cakes from tree branches or someplace the birds could get them. Also to give the birds water when it is very dry or hot or cold!
I also would encourage people NOT to use chemicals on their lawns or spray trees and such. It is harmful to the birds.
If we look at the earth from the birds point of view we would care for her and be in balance with her. Much bird habitat is gone. Maybe home owners could plant a bird bush every spring? The birds like untrimmed bushes so they can hide better! Makes it easy for humans that way. Something with berries like Holly would be nice.
Wouldn't it be lovely if every yard was a home for the birds?
I will keep taking pictures.
Thank you for your support.