Sunday, January 14, 2007

Too Many Birds

The sleet continued off and on all day. Normally we have 75-100 birds during the day. Today it was 250-350 plus, on the deck, at the feeders, perched in bushes and trees. They were coming in and going out. The traffic was incredible. The flocking birds; Juncos, Sparrows, House Finches, Purple Finches, Gold Finches were out in huge numbers. Over 30 Doves were on the ground and at the tables. The pairing birds; Downy Woodpeckers, Hairy Woodpeckers, Red Bellied Woodpeckers, Carolina Wrens, Cardinals, Blue Jays, were also out with extended families. The single birds were also here, Mocking Bird and Hawk.
Mocking Bird grew weary of chasing the Starlings away.
I watched a male Downy Woodpecker fly into a female Cardinal. No one was hurt! The feeding station was too full!
My husband put three hooks up in front and moved a couple of feeders. If the weather continues to be ice and snow we will need to get another mixed seed feeder for in front. I am on bird management. I see I need more shelter for them and I am almost out of seed. The raisins are almost gone and I could use some squirrel corn.

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