Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sapsucker time

I am working on getting the up close photos, I so love, of the Yellow Bellied Sapsucker. I think it would be ever so nice if she would come into my Maple tree.
As it is she is in my neighbor's tree. I crossed the street in hopes of closer shots. Now I need the sun to shine on her back. Maybe she will stay for afternoon tea.


Deb said...

Q - you did an amazing job with your close up of Yellow Bellied Sapsucker (my first time seeing this bird)He is lovely!

Q said...

Thank you Deb!
I so appreciate your support. It means so much to me that you are willing to comment. Thank you.
The Yellow Bellied is about 40 feet up! How the Wildlife photographers get those super sharp images is beyond me! I was happy these two photos came out. Hopefully I have found an angle that I can zoom in on if Yellow Bellied returns to her holes. From what I read she will maintain her holes now that she has drilled them. If so and if I am aware she is about and if the sun is just right, I could get some sharp, close up, shots. It would be easier if she would come over to my yard or come down a wee bit on the tree. I read that some birders have been able to draw the Yellow Bellied to the feeders with gape jelly. I have some left over from when I was feeding the Balitmore Oriloes last summer. I just might try it!
So glad you were able to share in my first time seeing one as well.
It says in "Bird Digest" lots of people miss seeing them as they blend in to the tree trunk so well. I can see her, my camera has the trouble.
Bird songs and joy,