Thursday, January 25, 2007

On the job

Mocking bird is the hardest working bird in the yard.
He runs a tight feeding station. The sparrows and the squirrel will have to figure this out.
It used to be a wren house.


Deb said...
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Deb said...

As a lover of birds AND squirrels - this is the best picture I have ever seen!! You've done it again Q - absolutely amazing.

Q said...

Hi Deb!
Oh my goodness! The squirrels and the sparrows are so funny!
We live in a neighborhood of old growth trees. The squirrels have nests in many of them.
Thank you! Being able to capture some of the fun of the gardens is the best.
I never know what Mother Nature is going to offer for the day's amusements.
Laughter and bird songs,