Monday, January 22, 2007

Where is everyone?

Since the flocking birds flew some time ago the deck has been quiet. I thought the hawks might be out. I bundled up.
It took a few minutes for me to see them.
The female Cardinal flew to the Dogwood. She must feel safe when I am outside.


Chris said...

Brrrr it looks very cold but you have great pics. Stay warm :-)

The French Nest said...

You live in a beautiful part of the world. We had a female cardinal visit us this morning after we had put out some seed, and she seems to be very tame as well. They are so stunning.

Q said...

Hi Chris,
For some reason today seemed very cold. The light was so strange too. I am working on learning how to use the monopod my husband bought for me. The tripod is set up inside and the monopod is suppose to be an easy, go outside and snap a photo, piece of equipment. At first I thought it would be a bother yet I found it to be very easy to set up and use. Now is the time for me to become comfortable with all the photographic equipment. Come spring I will be busy with the gardens and will want to snap a photo quickly.

Q said...

Hi French Nest,
I love my little Corner here in Missouri. It is city yet we have greenways and where I live no industry. I try to make our spot an enjoyable place for the creatures that come to call.
The Cardinals are beautiful. I sort of depend on the female Cardinals. When I want to look at a beautiful bird I seem to turn to her. Feeding the birds is a yaer around activity for me. The sunflower seeds and the thistle stay up all year. Come Spring I will begin Hummingbird feeders.
I think the Cardinals like people!
They shy away from cats.