Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I have seen this photo in my minds eye for many days. I was watching the crows fly at sunrise
when Dove flew to the rail.
Patiently I have waited for this moment.
It is a wondrous day.


Deb said...

Another amazing picture - I love doves!
*good things come to those who wait*

Q said...

Dear Deb, friend of the Dove,
I love getting up each morning. I never know what joy Mother Nature will present. Last summer I saw the shadow on the chair and thought it would be so nice if a bird was part of the "art". The Doves are part of my life. This afternoon a flock of them came in, 40-50?? at least. The deck was filled with wings and pecking and cooing. My every day number is now 25-30. They perch on the wire and usually in the neighbor's Ash tree. I depend on them to clean up the seed that other birds spill on the ground and the floor of the deck. Makes my sweeping up easier. I am very patient. I plant tree seeds!
So much lore is associated with the Dove. For me they are Angels. Why so many are here I do not know, surely there is work to be done!
I send my blessings to you,
on the wings of Doves.