Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I looked out the office window and saw a Robin fly to the little Crab tree. Although snow blankets the earth I know Spring is coming.

The Robin brings hope to me. From my heart I sing my song.
I want to plant more Crab trees.


Anonymous said...

HI Q~ Wanted to stop by and say hello. Your pictures are wonderful! I especially like your rabbit out on the snowy day, and the beautiful silhouette pictures on the porch. Did you set that frame up specifically for your picture or did you get the idea once it was there? You and the birds sure have a special relationship, I'm sure they whisper many of their secrets to you!
Lots of love~ Lavender

Deb said...

What a lovely (and well fed) Robin he is!

Chris said...

Truly beautiful pics again. Your robins have much redder breasts than ours in the UK. Do they follow you around the garden when you are digging? Robins here are usually quite tame and even sit on your spade or fork sometimes waiting for you to dig up worms :-)

Q said...

Hello Lavender,
So nice to hear from you. Do hope your Holiday was filled with much joy and your New Year has gotten off to the best of starts.
Watching the rabbits hop about is fun.
The Dove is sitting on the rail behind one of the chairs on the deck. I noticed when the sun rises that a shadow is created and have thought it would be very nice if a bird was part of the shadow. Delightful to me that the bird to do so was the Dove.
I do have a friendship with the birds. We work together; I put out the seed they eat the seed. They sing; I listen. Sometimes they do teach me different aspects of life. Mostly I am learning to sing my own sacred song.
Being a plant person opened the door to the butterflies and now to the birds.
I like the rabbits too as long as they do not eat all the veggies in the garden.
May you sing your sacred song,

Q said...

Hi Deb,
Thank you so much for coming by and making comments. I look forward to your thoughts.
It is here, in comments, I get to do some connecting with people! This is the first year I have seen Robins in the winter. I guess they are finding berries to eat. I do not put worms out. I guess I could find a Bate Shop and pick up some.
I have seen the worm farms one can do in the house. I am not sure my husband is ready for me to raise worms for the Robins.
Thanks again for your support.

Q said...

Dear Chris,
The Robins do wait around for us to dig up worms! After my husband prepares a bed for planting the Robins will be out in force! They also like to come right after I water a bed in.
Our male Robins have a very "rusty" red breast. It becomes darker in the spring and summer. This Robin today had lots of white on his breast. I guess it blends in with the snow! He did blend in nicely with the berries in the Crab tree. Lots of birds like those berries and most of them are gone. I think I need a few more of these little trees. I can think of a few spots I could plant them as they are small.
Thanks for coming by. I do take many photos and I enjoy sharing them. It is so nice to have your response. I love hearing about your birds and soon about your gardens!
Bird Songs and dry weather!