Saturday, January 13, 2007


At first light the Cardinals and Wrens were on the deck. Most of the sunflower seed was gone from the plates. It was cold, 14 degrees. I grabbed my robe and seed bucket. The birds were hungry. Back inside to warm up with my morning coffee. I looked out and Mocking Bird was looking in. He was not pleased with me. I had not replenished the meal worms or the raisins!
Once I did all was fine.
Mocking bird is doing a great job chasing the Starlings.
He has no fear of the windows and seems to enjoy the heated water.


Sprite said...


Dear Q~

I laughed so hard when I saw picture of the bird frowning.

You have spoiled them rotten.

I hope you are happy. Hehe, I know you are.



Q said...

Hi Sprite,
The Mocking Bird is very funny!
The wild life around here just have their way with me!
The birds talk with me. They let me know when they need something.
Mocking Bird is suppose to chase the Starlings away. So far he is doing a very good job too. I have noticed after awhile he takes a break from Starling duty leaving me to do the work!
I totally understand he, like me, has other things to do. I am wondering where the female Mocking Bird is. They could take turns.
Managing the birds can be a full time job.
I am having fun. I love the birds.
Having Mocking Bird do the Starlings is easier on the flocking birds than having Hawk come in. That is real drama in the gardens!