Saturday, January 06, 2007

Birthday Gifts

Our son gave me a blue topaz necklace for my birthday. We read about this gemstone in "Love is in the Earth" by Melody. Blue Topaz "assists one in bringing the body, mind, and spirit into union with the forces of the perfection of the universe." I like that! It is very beautiful too.

My Husband's gift came today as well. This digital screen is for my photos.
It can hang on the wall! The photos are stored on a memory card and will play continuously if I want them to. It has a remote and a self timer to go on and off as I set it. It also has tiny speakers and will play a mp3 music file as background for the photo slide show. My husband will help me get photos onto the memory card. Soon I will see the hummingbirds and butterflies of last summer.
Next he will help me learn how to record the songs of the birds and the wind harp.


Deb said...

Happy Birthday!
What wonderful gifts!!

Q said...

Thank you Deb,
Our son was out of town over my birthday. He had called with birthday wishes on my actual day.
The necklace is very lovely.
The digital photo frame is another way we can enjoy the pictures of the birds and bugs and flowers. I was concerned as I do not know how to do all the electronic things very well. My husband knew how to set it up and I am learning how to "download" onto the memory card. I have a slide show going and will work on adding to it. I want to work on that when my husband is here so I have support!
I still have the "I hope I do not break it" trouble.
My family has always been very supportive in my new endeavors. Every few years I come up with something different I want to learn how to do. It took me a few years of research to decide on the right camera for me. It will take me many years to learn how to take all the different photos I want to take. The photo frame lets me enjoy a slideshow of over 500 photos. I can change them too.
Much fun.

Sprite said...


Lovely gifts Q. I'm sure you will be able to work the magical picture frame in no time at all. :-)


Q said...

Hi Sprite,
Thank you for the vote of confidence. I will keep "learning" and one of these days I will be comfortable with all the new fangled gagets. Having another way to enjoy the photos is grand.