Saturday, January 20, 2007

Parade of Birds

Mocking Bird is first to arrive. The Cardinals come next.
The Crows fly over, sometimes one will stop for a snack.
The flocking birds are next,; Juncos, House Finches, Purple Finches, Gold Finches and Sparrows.
The Doves arrive and the Carolina Wrens. The Woodpeckers will be here in a minute. The Blue Jays come. The Starlings come. The Hawks circle.

The parade continues all day. I never know when a, new to me, bird will join in. I keep watching.


Anonymous said...

Loving the bird pictures. Nature goes right on when humans are stopped by ice or snow! Hard on the birds, tho, and know you're keeping your wildlife fed. Good for you. Keep trying to get out there between weather events. I will enjoy more pictures--L.M.

Q said...

Hello L.M.
Some day humans will remember how to be one with Nature. Until then it is nice to have the weather event to slow everyone down and take time to feed the birds!
Maybe some of the young of heart will build snowmen. I have not seen one yet this year.
Maybe my husband will build a snow creature tomorrow. He is young at heart!
"Feed the birds"
Snow showers and bird songs,