Thursday, January 04, 2007

Red Bellied Woodpecker

I heard the Red Bellied before I saw him.

There is a pair close by. I hope they nest and raise young this spring.


Chris said...

Hello Q. Thank you for your kind thoughts and I'm sorry for your sadness. Your blog always gives me a sense of tranquility and calm and I love your photos of your birds. Keep taking those pics and posting and I'll keep watching :-). Best wishes for 2007 to you and your family.

The Fan said...

Oh Dear Q - you made my Saucy's day today - she called me over to her house for The Grande Opening!!! She was filled with joy and overwhelmed with your sweet generosity. I take such joy in your wonderful photos - I love the birds and butterflies! Not too many of those in snowy Canada right now. Happy New Year to you and your family - and hugs and happy smiles from Saskatchewan!

Q said...

Blessings Chris,
Your post about your sons and your friend brought tears to my eyes!
Sadness is part of joy. Birth, death, rebirth is the way life is forever renewing itself. I think the greater we love the deeper the sadness when a loved one passes from the physical to the spiritual. While I may miss my sister's voice I know her love is always here. I often hear my Mother singing when the wind harp plays. The sounds of a river sound so similiar to my Father's voice I have looked about to see him.
It is peaceful at my house. In the middle of activity there is calm.
We smile lots and we both easily laugh not only at ourselves but also at the antics of the birds and bugs.
At my core I am a plant person. I do take photos of the plants but my friends like plants and butterflies together!
I am learning about photography. I will keep posting.
Thank you for being a friend beyond the sea.

Q said...

Greetings Fan!
Your Saucy is so cute!
I enjoy her blog. She sees the world in a lovely, creative way.
Glad she liked the cards and apron.
As you can tell I am wild about the birds and bugs! I also like all sorts of four legged critters. Not too many of those come to the back yard.
I do celebrate each day!
Waving a "Hello" from the Mid-West.