Monday, January 08, 2007

Where are the birds?

I had chased the cat out of the yard two hours ago. I waited for the birds to come back yet I had not heard nor seen them. It is 50 degrees and sunny. I decided a walk about would be nice and maybe the birds would see me and know all was well. Plus with all the sun, a good day for zooming. When I stepped out the back door I saw why the birds were still taking cover. Red Tailed Hawk was circling. Once he saw me he went on.
As I walked around the yard my friends said,"Hello". Chick-a-dee was in the Ash tree. As I walked near he spoke and flew closer.
Little Carolina Wren was peeping at me. He was deep inside the Firebush.
As Glenda, the good witch said, "Come out, come out!"

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