Friday, January 05, 2007


The kumquats are ready to pick. They have been ripening inside.
Some will have the gifts of the Epiphany tomorrow. We will have the gifts of the kumquat.


Deb said...

These kumquats look delicious - I have never had one.

Q said...

Dear Deb,
Do try a Kumquat! Somewhat sour but they are tiny and I love tiny fruit. I bought the Kumquat tree last January. It is known as a lucky plant. It symbolizes prosperity. I am slowly acquiring the lucky plants of the Asian culture. Last summer I put the tree outside on the deck and it bloomed. Hummingbirds went to it. I think the photos are in July archives. One day we received 6 inches of rain and the Kumquat was too wet. I was a fraid I had lost it!
We did everything we could think of and it did lose many leaves but it survived the drowing. This spring I will repot and put it back on the deck. I have a clementine tree growing inside I started from seeds. It will be a few years before it is big enough to bloom and produce fruit. I love having trees in the house. The problem is we have a small house! I have thought about a green house but I would have to give up growing space. I would rather give up a piece of furniture. After all how many chairs can we sit in at one time?