Friday, January 05, 2007

Misty Day

It has been gray and misty all day.

The birds have been on the deck and at the feeders. I am decorating.


Deb said...

How wonderful to have such nice visitors on a gray and misty day! Beautiful pictures as always Q.

Q said...

Hi Deb,
I am glad you enjoyed today's birds. The mist made for interesting light. Not a wonderful day for photos. The 500x zoom lens requires more light than the 200x. The birds for the most part were sheltering from the mist. I did not go out in the mist so I did not take pics of them in the trees and bushes. I was involved too with decorating so I was not posted up snapping photos! I did see the Carolina Wrens togther at the peanut feeder. I grabbed the camera but the female went to another feeder before I could get a photo. I would love to get a shot of both of them together. I was thrilled when in the mist I heard the wren singing. He was perched up on the power line. I just must learn how to record the birds.
On my list of "things to learn". It is rather a long list.