Wednesday, January 03, 2007


My husband says, "Starlings, the most dangerous bird known to man." They do chase away the song birds.
They are very agressive.
They take over the feeders.
Calling for Coopers Hawk.


Chris said...

It's pouring with rain again here in Somerset! Beautiful photos, the birds are such wonderful colours. We used to be invaded by starlings but for some reason they have all disappeared. We still have blackbirds, sparrows, black caps (I think?) a lovely thrush and our little robin.

Q said...

Happy New Year Chris,
The birds are so colorful!
I do not know why we have Starlings! I think they go for the suet cakes. I do chase them away when ever I see them. The Hawks also chase them away.
I have not seen our thrush for a few months. Last summer a pair nested in the back bushes. They do not come to the feeders.
The black caps are so sweet.
You have had lots of rain!
Some of our coldest temperatures often come in January and February. As long as we have snow and not ice I do not mind.
Spring will come quickly now that the days grow longer. Soon we both will be out in the dirt!