Wednesday, October 28, 2009

ABC Wednesday

O is for October

and Orange.

O is for Ouch

and Oregano.

O is for Oak

and Osage Orange.

O is for Orange Sulphur

and Or.

O is for Owl.

O is for Opera

and Oracle.

O is for Oregon.

Happy Abc Wednesday.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Safari

We drove north.
We followed the Missouri River.

We were hunting for pumpkins.

We remembered a pumpkin patch out in the cornfields.

We knew if we watched we would see the sign.

It was a perfect October day.

Perfect day for pumpkin hunting.

Tucked up on a straw bench we found her.

The sun was bright and the bugs came out.

A Walking Stick found its way across the wall.

We hiked the river bluff.

I was surrounded by Autumn.

Spiders and Harvesters have their Autumn dress.

The woods were glowing.

An Eastern Comma basked in the sun.

I also turned my face to the sky.

Happy Sunday Safari.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Prairie Labyrinth

Autumn colors are at peak.

Each tree has an inner light.

The grasses on the Prairie sway in the breeze.

I walked the labyrinth.

This Labyrinth is a magnificent walk.
I am inspired.

These grounds are sacred.

October is full of fantastic experiences.

I tied clooties, prayer tokens.

I am grateful.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ABC Wednesday

N is for Needle

and Needlecraft.

N is for Nickle

and Native Americans.

N is for Noise makers.

Nice to have about this time of year.

N is for Naturalist

and Natural.

N is for Night.

N is for Necklace.

N is for

N is for Nuthatch.

N is for Nettle.
It is very high in Nutrition.
N is for notebook

at least until November.
To meet more very nice ns visit ABC Wednesday.
A remarkable N.