Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Safari

I have been very sick this past week.
My doctor prescribed antibiotics for pneumonia.

I feel better today.
I was able to have a short time in the sun with the birds.

I have much compassion for those who have illness.

My husband has been a gentle care giver.

He picked up books at the library for me.
He fixed our meals.
He checked on me while I rested.

He has cared for the details.

Together we were able to pack up
our January decorations and clean the house.

The forced red tulips are in bloom.
I have cut a few for vases
and have left the others growing in soil.

 They are part of my February decorating.

I have brought out the poems of
Rumi for February.

Basho is my new love
he walked with me when I was so very sick.
His face looks just like my husband.
I will keep his Elegant Way, his wabi sabi way,
while I twirl and spin in the love of Rumi.

We have fun in February.

We read stories from the
Arabian Nights

and listen to sitar music while
sipping Turkish coffees.

We watch the weather reports.
February  often has terrible ice storms.
A Winter storm is on its way for tonight and tomorrow.
My husband is making sure we have everything
 we need to be comfortable in case we are iced in.
I am working on
our calendar of events.

We have plans to hold hands on
 Valentine's Day.
Perhaps a dance in the kitchen
after a light supper.
Luna New Year is February 3rd.
I am planning a nice stir fry for supper.
Candlemas is the 2nd. I will make some candles.
The wearing of red and black is the 1st.

We have plans to take care of
each other this month.

These are familiar ways.

I will be well soon.

Happy February.
Happy Sunday Safari.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Safari

As we approached the sand ford of the Meramec River
we saw three Bald Eagles perched in the Sycamore trees.
A good omen.

The Caverns are amazing.
I am continuously awed by the work of Mother Nature.

Caves are cool. This one is a constant 60 degrees,
warm for Missouri winters and refreshing in summer.
A shallow river runs through this cavern
making for majestic  reflections.

Over 100,000 visitors
walk this 1 1/2 hour tour each year.

When we visited last week it was just
 the two of us and our tour guide.

Wonderful ratio for photographers.

Using daylight fill in
I was able to get some nice macros.

My husband used a monopod and a wide angle lens
 to get some of the sweeping cavern vistas.
This curtain is world renown.

The Eagles were still perched up
when we came out to our car.
This intimate experience has wetted
my appetite for spelunking.

Missouri has many Show Caves
to keep me busy too.

On the way home from the Caverns
I began running a fever.

I am able to control the fever with aspirin.
I am listening to healing music.

I have my books,
my spinning and knitting
and the birds to keep me occupied.

I am staying inside,
studying the dust on the windowsills.

I am reviewing the print material I picked up 
from the Missouri Botanical Library.

I may order a few prints.

I do hope I am on the mend soon.
Happy Sunday safari.
I hope you and yours are well.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

St. Louis, Missouri

We went to St. Louis, Missouri, so I could look at the rare books in the Missouri Botanical Library.

The Librarian was so nice to stop her work and show me the

These herbals date from the 15th century.

For over two hours I was in another world;
I was connected to herbalists,
and healers from the 1400's.

We are planning on growing figs this year.
I am inspired.

 I love seeing the relationships
of flora and fauna.

After saying our goodbyes
we went to the Butterfly House.
It is also part of the Botanical Gardens.

In the winter
I miss the butterflies.

Watching the Kites

 the Zebra Longwings

and all the tropical butterflies
reminded me that Spring will come

and the butterflies will return to my gardens.

They are the jewels

I love.

This Bird Wing butterfly from
Australia, had just emerged.
Watching her dry her wings was an honor.

We were in the butterfly house
for over two hours.
Just us and the butterflies.

The Atlas moth
is amazing.

We left at closing time.

I wish Kansas City

had a butterfly house.

I would go at least once a week.

Seeing the Giant Butterfly
was very fun.
They come to my gardens.

We have 8 inches of snow on the ground.
I am watching the birds at the feeders.
I am planning what I will plant for the
 butterflies come Spring.