Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Safari

We went to Powelll Gardens for our Sunday Safari.
It was time to walk the gardens and see how they have fared
through this hot summer.

It was a delight to see many butterflies.
This pair of Tawny Emperors only had eyes for each other.

The Question Mark is also called Violet Tip.
The Autumn brood has brighter markings than the spring brood
and they have violet-gray tails.
These are the butterflies that hibernate.

Red Spotted Purples shimmered in the sunlight.
These Admirals prefer to nectar on rotting fruit and sap.
This is a photograph of a female.
Her extra white wingtip marking is her id marking.

Viceroys are mimics of the Monarch.
Birds avoid them thinking they are distasteful
 like the Monarchs.
Many Buckeyes graced the gardens.

The Variegated Fritillaries were abundant.


and Cicadas are ancient species.

We brought a picnic.
After our sandwiches we walked to a small pond.

The algae was other worldly.

Water Lilies are ancient plants.

Lots of Hummingbirds were flying about.
It was a warm summer day.

Late tonight the Moon is New.

It is the New Sunflower Moon.
August is slipping away.
Soon we will greet September.
Happy Sunday Safari.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Safari

The Variegated  Fritillary graced
 our gardens this afternoon.

Such a joy to see her.

The marigolds are blooming.

I do hope she returns.

The Red Spotted Purple butterfly surprised me.

I have not seen very many Red Spotted Purples this year.

These are butterfly days.

Happy Sunday Safari

Editor's Note....
Thanks Randy for letting me know
my visitor today was the Variegated Fritillary.
The last time I saw one was June 22, 2005.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Safari

We installed our Wind Sculpture this evening.
We had a brief ceremony welcoming her to the gardens.

It is an honor to have one of
 Lyman Whitaker's kinetic art pieces
 "gracefully capturing the spirit of the wind"
 in my gardens.

I am tired this evening.
I stayed up too late with
 the Full Green Corn Moon last night.
We walked as she rose and had a light,
 late night dinner on the deck.

I took a few photographs of Eastern Tailed Blues
 this afternoon. I counted eight in the mint.

When resting in the shadows they open their wings
 and shimmer an amazing blue violet.
They are tiny but gorgeous.

The Black Swallowtail has been about.
I am watching the little egg she laid
turn into a fast growing caterpillar.
I have begun to plant mums.
These are so pretty, pale yellow with dark yellow centers.
I moved the mint that was growing in the window boxes
to a flowerbed and planted mums. I love having mums for

I bought enough to do up pots for the front porch and the deck.
I shall do a few for the house. I will have a few to give as gifts.
I plant mums for me.
The bugs do not like them.
They do not set seed for the birds.
I grow them for the beauty of their bloom.
I grow them for Autumn.
We are over a month away from the Autumn Equinox
yet I already feel the cooler nights and the turing of
the Seasons.
My husband said,
"Go get your magic seed basket."
He had spots ready to plant.
We planted all sorts of Autumn vegetables.
We still have at least 60 days left in this growing season
maybe even more if first frost is late.
 Mother Nature provided .8 of gentle rain to water our seeds in.

My nightstand has a new book.

Happy Sunday Safari.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Sunday Safari

A  male Cloudless Sulphur has been
 coming to the back Day Lilies all week.

I love the way he dips into the throat of the flower.

He almost looked green in the morning light.

I counted twenty bees in the Sunflowers today.

I do not know where the Honey Bee's hive is.
I have often thought I should follow a bee.

One plant remains from my old Moon Garden.

Our first Buckeye of the Summer.
These are my husband's favorite butterfly.
They immigrate to our area from the south.

The skies were clear and it was muggy.
I looked to the north and saw a storm coming in.

I stood out on the deck and felt the wind shift.

No rain for my gardens as the storm went north.
We did receive a lovely cool down.

My friend sent me a delightful book about Trees a few years ago.
I have read it many times.
I am reading it again as I begin another tree study.

This time I am sitting with the trees in
my gardens.
I am learning their magic.

I am trusting the trees.

The sun has come out.

I am seeking shade once again.

A Hackberry butterfly calls to me.
Time to dead head the butterfly bush.

I can do this quickly and
get back to my study of the trees.

I love sitting under the Ash Tree.
I love listening to the leaves sing in the wind.

Happy Sunday Safari.