Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Safari

The wind blew the leaves this afternoon.
We watched the clouds when we walked.
The wind created
incredible cloud scapes.

It has been a fun filled week.

We never made it to Squaw Creek.

We stopped on the way north
 and became accidental tourists in
St. Joseph, Missouri.

It is the home of the
Poney Express
the Stetson hat.

The night before we were to visit Squaw Creek
I finished reading the history
of the Cowboy hat. In the index of hat makers
I read the Stetson hat was made just 75 miles from home.
We had a great idea,
on the way to Squaw Creek we could stop for breakfast

and look for the Stetson store.
Maybe I would find my Cowgirl hat.

The story of John Stetson
is very interesting.
The story of his hat and the impact it still
has is amazing.

I knew I wanted a Stetson.

I did find my hat.
She is just perfect for me.

I wear my hat at the kitchen table in the mornings
while I do my writing.

My Stetson inspires me!

I looked at boots too.
Still shopping.
At least I know the color I am looking for,
black to go with my hat.

The temperatures have been very cold,
hard freezes with lows in the upper teens.
I still have a few blooms and herbs to harvest.
The lemon balm is near the front door
and is still delicious.
The mint is by the back walk.
It also is still green.
I can smell it when I walk past.
I pick a leaf to chew on while walking.

We have entered the season of hope

and light.

We have packed up the
 November decorations.

We are preparing the house for December.
We are celebrating the first
Sunday of Advent.

 We have decided to study snow
this December.

We watched snow geese migrate.

We talk while we walk.

We make our plans.

Today the sky held our attention

while I chatted about Cowgirl stuff.

I need a Cowgirl Christmas tree
for my office.

Happy Sunday safari.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Safari

A strong wind out of the south
blew unseasonably warm temperatures
into our area.

We went to Cooley Lake wetlands
and watched the Eagles soar.

We watched them ride the wind.

This 1,348 acre conservation area is on
an ancient ox bow of the Missouri River.

It is the end of the season for the

and butterflies.

Seeing the Buckeyes

 reminded me that these butterflies migrate.

We hiked for a couple of hours
in a wooded bluff just above the wetlands.
There are plenty of berries for the birds.
The Tufted Titmouse is a year-round resident.

The wetlands were full of ducks

and spent water lilies.
I brought home a seed pod for my pot-pouri bowl.

While walking on the levee we felt
the wind shift to the west.
The temperature began to drop.

We saw the migrating geese
when we walked back to the car.
We heard them honking as they flew south.

Today was an Indian Summer day.
Tonight is the Full Frost Moon.

We are going out of town for Thanksgiving.
I am packing a picnic basket.
We have Snow Geese to visit at
 Squaw Creek National Wildlife refuge.
May you and yours have a blessed Thanksgiving.
Happy Sunday Safari.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cow Girl Museum

We had a turn key trip
to Fort Worth, Texas.

Just 48 hours away from home.

This was a destination outing to the
National Cowgirl museum and Hall of Fame.
We learned lots and had much fun
visiting this world class museum.

I have been inspired.

I learned to know the
"American Cowgirl
by her heart".

We drove 8 1/2 hours Tuesday

and stayed in downtown Fort Worth.

I did some shopping.

Mostly just looking at boots and hats
 and taking notes.

I am learning
about western wear.

 Annie Oakley has always been my
favorite cowgirl.

The weather was warm and windy on Wednesday.
After 3 1/2 hours in the museum we were
ready to be outdoors.

We went to the botanical gardens.

We like to be outside with the
bees and butterflies.

I am a straight shooter.

I shoot with my camera.

We walked the gardens looking for bugs

and birds.

We walked in the gardens for two hours.

Fort Worth Texas is south,
550 miles, from my house.

The leaves were just beginning to fall.

We began walking back to our car.
We began saying our goodbyes.
It was time to head back home.

Fort Worth, Texas
has given me a great gift.

I know, just like the Cowgirls in the
Hall of Fame, I can accomplish
anything I set out to do

as long as I am true to myself.

I belong to a sisterhood
of Cowgirls, strong women
who have the, "can do" spirit.

I am a Cowgirl in moccasins
with a camera on her hip.