Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunday Safari

Spring is galloping by.

The Lilacs are blooming.

I am passionate for Lilacs.

The smell of Lilacs is intoxicating.

The tulips are in bloom.

It is a zippity-do-da Spring.
The Hummingbirds have been spotted so I put up the feeders.
I normally put them up April 23rd.

The pear tree our friends gave us is blooming.

The carpenter bees are flying and drilling homes.

I love the sound of the bumble bee.

The flower beds are edged in muscari.
The bees love the blooms.

We went to an indoor kite fly.

We met some members of the KCKC.
We are a good fit.

I picked another basket of Wild Violets.
They are drying.
I will save them for winter tea.
Wild Violets are high in vitamin c.
and charm.

The Rain Dragons brought 3.1 inches of rain
last week.

Sunshine and 82 degrees has brought
much growth.

The peonies are becoming full bushes.

I have seen lots of butterflies.

I am outside playing in the dirt once again.
Happy Sunday Safari.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kite Festival retreat

We stopped on our way to the kite festival to see the bison.

We were on a wildflower adventure.

We were looking for Orioles.

We were chasing Spring.

We watched the Red Headed Woodpecker
clean out the nesting spot.

We watched Spring Beauties dance in the breeze.

Dusty Wings were flying down by the river

and Orange Sulphurs were nectaring in the fields of
Spring Beauties.

North-eastern Oklahoma has beautiful countryside
and lots of small towns.

We stopped in a few for shopping and murals.

We spent the night in a little motel.

After breakfast we drove to the Mounds.

We left the kites in the car while we visited the
visitors center.

We hiked the grounds.
Butterflies and birds were flying in the morning sunshine.
The Meadow Larks were singing their morning song

and hunting for bugs.

I was so happy to be around hundreds of butterflies

and fields of wildflowers.

The flowers took my breath away.

I am in love with this little wildflower
and her bee guide color lines.

I am once again smitten with the butterflies of the prairie.
I have only seen the Goatweed Leafwing once in my backyard.

We put our kites up.
It was the first time we had flown our kites at a festival.

They did just fine.
They flew with the fancy kites.

They looked so pretty flying together.

I was smitten by two kites.

I talked with the owner of the Pterosaurs Kite.
I do want one!

I love the way these two flew together.

We had a wonderful time playing, resting and reading.