Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday safari

I bundled up this morning when I went outside to feed the birds.
It was cold. This afternoon's high is in the 30's.
The snow yesterday was only flurries but left a dampness and a cold
that gets into my bones.

Robin was all puffed up staying warm
 while he protected his raisins. He keeps the Starlings and the Sparrows away from the deck and the seed trays.

We are putting out two bowls of raisins

so the Mockingbirds do not have to wait for Robin to be distracted.
Keeping the raisins apart seems to be working.
We do not need any fights over raisins.
I try to keep a peaceful backyard.

The parade of flowers has slowed down.
The cooler temperatures are nice for the daffodils but
will keep the tulips from blooming.

We went to the Alpaca show.

So many different types of Alpacas to admire.

We had a fun time visiting with fiber folk we know

and taking pictures of the darling Alpacas.

I had a wonderful visit with Gloria Smith.
She and her husband raise Paco-Vincunas.

I have visited their farm and have met some of these animals.
I have Athena's yarn in my knitting basket.
She is a very beautiful animal.

I love this fiber.
It is very soft and lightweight but warm.

I enjoy knitting with Paco-Vincuna.
I enjoy just holding the yarn.

While writing this morning I realized how
much I depend on the adventure of discovery
for my energy.

Often an idea will stir other ideas and I will once again be fired up.

While I wait for warmer Spring days I am thinking
about how wonderful an edible front yard would be.

I am listening to Jazz and

finding my French connection.

I am listening to animals.

I am studying the Olive.
 I have a few every afternoon.

I shall be looking for a tree and a pot
and a place for my Olive Tree to grow indoors next winter.

While I wait for my next discovery and the joy of falling, once again, head over heels in love, I am taking comfort in what is  around me.  March is slowly coming to an end. April showers are in the forecast. I hope they are rain showers for May flowers.

Happy Sunday Safari.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Safari

Hello Spring!
Yesterday's rain washed Winter away.
We went to the Medicine Wheel this afternoon.

I made my offering. Spring has come.
The cycle continues.

Daffodiles are blooming

as are the miniature iris.

The turtles were basking
as was the skink.
We saw very few bugs but I know they are waking up.
I always look for the Red Fox.
 This is one of the many sculptures at the gardens we visited
this afternoon.

They had lots of Tete-a-tete Daffodils in bloom.
So charming.  Mine are a few weeks away from bloom.
Seeing kites flying was very fun.
I am looking forward to flying kites.
Maybe this week.
We heard lots of frogs but never saw them!

It was a gorgeous first day of Spring.
Temperatures soared to 80 degrees.

On the way home we saw a King Fisher.

There is a new development near a small river
not far from our house.

I was surprised to see the Kingfisher so near the road.

When he flew into a wooded area I was pleased.

Loss of habitat is everywhere.
I hope he has good fishing this Spring.

I want to visit the Tall Grass Prairie soon.
I want to see Spring wildflowers.

Our pair of Mocking birds

are fun to watch.

The Forsythia is in full bud.

The crocus continue to bloom.

Sweet Spring has come.
We saw another bee this afternoon
 and a two butterflies.
Soon all manner of bees and butterflies will wing their way
into my gardens.
I am happy.
The bugs are returning.
I have missed them.

Happy Sunday Safari.
Happy Spring.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Safari

A Winter storm is coming in.
We are to have snow overnight.
I have Spring inside.
The white roses are opening
 filling the house with the smell of Spring.

Vases filled with flowers help me stay warm.

I have been reading this afternoon and looking out the backdoor.
Little Chipmunk filled his checks few times.
The Cardinals are choosing mates.
Watching seed giving makes me feel as if I am part of this ritual..

The birds are fueling up before the storm.

March is a very fun month.
Often it is a reading month.
Often it is a learning month.

Tracing DNA to find
the roots of the Celtic people
is fascinating.

I am continuing my arm chair travels.

The more I learn about
Wales the more I want to walk this magical land.

St. Patrick's Day
is Thursday.

I think I will make a pot of potato soup.
Maybe the snow will be melted
and we will be able to plant our potatoes.

I send blessings to Japan.
May her people find comfort.

Happy Sunday Safari.