Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday Safari

The Dogwoods are in full bloom.

The Dandelions are in first bloom.

The male Hummingbird is claiming his territory.

A pair of Hairy Woodpeckers have been coming to the nuts and suet cakes. I think they are nesting.

The scout for the Baltimore Orioles has found the grape jelly.
I heard him calling. Hopefully the rest of the Orioles will come in.
I have plenty of fresh grapes and oranges for them.
The Brown Thrashers have mated.
The pair come to the suet cakes.

These two Northern Cardinals are so cute.
They do lots of seed giving.
We went to a Chalk Walk festival.

It was a small festival but lots of fun.
Chalk art is one of my favorite art forms.

This is living in the now.
Art for the sake of art.
The hands of the artist fascinate me.
It is time to plant.
We hung the Fuchsia baskets
for the Hummingbirds.
I planted the window boxes
in mint.
I hope to to use the flavored mints in teas.
This lemon mint smell delicious.
Chocolate Mint is one of my favorites.
I will be making chocolate mint syrup
this summer.
The west window box is planted with Apple Mint.
It is a new to me mint.
Perhaps a few leaves in ice water will be refreshing.

I planted deep red petunias in with the mints.
The Hummingbirds will like them.

It has been a relaxing Easter.

Rain is in our forecast for the next few days.
I hope you had a blessed Easter.
Happy Sunday safari.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Safari

We went walking on a small section of tall grass prairie.
I was looking for spring wildflowers.
I was looking for butterflies.
 I have brought out my field guides.
Once again I will try to learn my wildflowers.
I remember this is Yellow Rocket.
I will try to learn the names of the moths.
I remember a few from last year.
I need a field guide for bees. There are so many different species.
We had a pleasant walk on the prairie.
The Black Swallowtail finally let us take her photograph.
Seeing the Spring butterflies always makes me feel happy.
They have survived another winter.
Eastern Tailed Blues shimmered in the sunlight.

Wild Sweet William is just coming into bloom.
I shall look for my garden Sweet Williams.

I saw many blooms. Many trees, bushes and flowers that I do not know their names.
On the way home we looked for the Belted King Fisher.
We did not see him.

 Instead we were treated to Blue Winged Teals and
 a Great Blue Heron.

A pair of Killdeer patrolled the water's edge.

 Canada Geese were nesting.
The water spoke to me.
I want to visit the wetlands.
 I want to see the spring wildflowers that grow near water.
 I want to see the butterflies of the wetlands.
Yesterday we looked out the dining room window
and saw a Bullock's Oriole at our feeders.
This is the first time we have ever seen one.
 A very handsome bird.
He is very far East for his range.
 I hope he finds his way to his nesting grounds.
I am looking for the Baltimore Orioles and the
Orchard Orioles now. Perhaps he migrated with them.

The full Pink Moon is tonight.
We will sit on the deck and gaze at her.

We went to a kite festival yesterday afternoon.
A strong south westerly breeze made for easy flying.

Our friends came over for movie night last night.
We watched "Pirates of the Caribbean- Dead Man's Chest."
That was lots of fun!
Happy Sunday Safari.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Safari

All day the wind has blown as a fresh breeze
 with gusts up to 25 mph. Temperatures once again rose into the upper 80's. Too warm for April.

We opened the windows and the sweet scent
of the white lilac drifted through the house.
Spring is in her second act.

The pear tree our friends from England
 gave us last September is blooming.
A treasured reminder of their kindness and friendship.

More daffodils have bloomed. I am taking photographs of hearts this year. I am pleased I planted this group in a heart shape.  I wear my heart on my sleeve so it is no surprise I have heart shapes around me. I deadheaded the spent daffodils. Keeping my flower beds up this year is my goal. I have native plants mixed in with the cultivated. I have flowers for the bees and butterflies and my kitchen table all planted together. I have vegetables planted in with the flowers.  Each flower bed has a herb or two.

The dogwoods are blooming.

The birds have mated and are building nets.

We have moved the nuts and suet

to their summertime places.

Red Bellied looked around for a bit
until he found the nuts.

These days of fresh southernly breezes could 
help the song birds migrate.
I have been following the migration of the
Some have been sited in my area and even farther north.
I set up the Hummingbird feeding station.
Any day they could arrive.

We walked in the cemetery
this afternoon.

We saw a pair of Blue Birds.

In my backyard the bugs are waking up.

I look for them
on the flowers and in the grass.

I look for the bugs.

I have missed them.

Happy Sunday Safari.
I am savoring every minute of Spring.
Today it is Bumble Bees
that have stolen my heart.