Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Book Signing

I Love a Mystery is a independant bookseller in Mission, Kansas. Sandi Ault came and read two chapters from her new release, "Wild Indigo".
She was dressed in gorgeous, embroidered, beaded, black leather.
A beautiful story told by a beautiful author.
First editions sold out. Reorder is on the way. A fun outing on a snowy evening.


My friend enjoyed tea and cakes and birds.
All of the regulars came to say, "Hello."

We were warm inside while the snow fell. We received about 1 1/2 inches of snow.

Looking back- Looking forward

On this last day of January I am making notes. I have needs for next year. I want to do the forced bulbs earlier, mid December for January blooms.
I still can not find the name of this exotic flower. I am calling them, "Bird" flowers. The petals are like velvet with tiny feathers.

Farmers Almanac says snow and cold for February. Snow is in our forecast for this afternoon and evening. A friend is coming to spend the day with me and the birds.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I am not 100% sure our Hawk is the Cooper's Hawk. He could be the Sharp-Shinned Hawk.
The difference is in size and the tail feathers.
Sharp Skinned is smaller.
Sharp Shinned has squared off tail feathers. Even this close I still cannot tell.

Drama on the deck

The cookies were baking so I went to watch the birds for a few minutes. In flew Cooper's Hawk. Song birds scattered. I have "Birds of Kentucky" playing inside.
He seemed to be listening.
He only stayed for about two minutes.
I was able to get a few photos.

January Joy

Where would I be without the birds? Even on the coldest mornings the Carolina Wren sings a sweet song
and gets a meal worm!
The Downy Woodpeckers are so cute as they check for safe passage to the suet.
Even the female Cardinal comes for sunflower seeds. The north wind is blowing, the wind harp is playing, the gardens are alive. I am filled with joy.

Arctic Air

As the sun rose this morning it was 4 degrees Fahrenheit. Ice was on the inside of the back storm door.
The back pond was frozen over.
Snow Penguin did not mind.
Bitter cold for the rest of the week. The lilies are opening filling the house with the smell of spring.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Mocking Bird's Mate

We are pretty sure this is a female Mocking Bird. The males and females look alike.
So far both of our Mocking Birds are getting along.
I saw them fly off together.

Winter games

One of February's games is Pachisi. The cribbage tournament is on going. I am "Little Yellow" my husband is the "Black Knight".
Six happiness points!
The seed orders are in. Tonight I feed the meal worms.

Yellow Bellied Sapsucker

I was watching for the Yellow Bellied Sapsucker to come.

From my readings I have learned she will stay in this area. She will return and maintain her holes. She is about 9 inches long. Perhaps her mate will come too.

From the office window

The male Downy Woodpecker goes for the peanuts, he is about 6 1/2 inches long. A bit larger than Brown Creeper. A local flock of geese grazed by the fence in the cemetery.
Black-capped Chick-a-dee comes to the new porch feeder. He is about the size of Brown Creeper.

The House Finches also enjoy the front feeder. They are small too, 5-5 1/2 inches long. I like being at my desk.

Brown Creeper

The Brown Creeper is very small, 5 inches long is all.
He is so very well camouflaged the only way I could see him was to watch for movement. As he spiraled around the front Maple tree I would catch a spot that the light would shine just right.

I saw him from the office window and stepped outside. I have been watching for Brown Creeper.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

From my desk

My desk sits in the northwest corner of my home office. From the north window I watched the male Cardinal in the front maple tree until he flew.
Out the west window I could see him perched.
Off he flew and Mocking Bird perched up. I moved a couple of items off my desk so I had a better view. Mocking Bird has a mate. We saw her this afternoon.


All the different motifs pull together with flowers. My husband brought home three bouquets yesterday.
Flowers help me when the temperatures are so cold.I have never seen these flowers.
They seem to have feathers on each petal. I am looking forward to seeing them in full bloom! The forced bulbs are coming along too. They should bloom in a week or two.