Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Safari

The veil is thin today.

I went looking for Spirit Houses.

I found two Praying Mantis' egg cases.

I will keep a watch
for hatchlings come next April.

Her time with me is coming to an end.

I have enjoyed our season

I have yet to have a Praying Mantis
land on my head.
Perhaps next year.

The seeds of the Cosmos

and the bulb of the Hyacinth

hold the promise of Spring.

I watch.

I observe.

I have all the time I need

to know beauty,

to stand in the light,

and to honor all of life.

Each day is a magical day.

Today is an Indigo Day.

Our friends are coming over this afternoon
for chili and snacks.

We will take a garden tour

and watch the oats grow.

I want to share my story
of the Owl in the cemetery

and my quest to find Merlin.

Many people are honoring
their ancestors today and tomorrow

and remembering old traditions.
Perhaps my friend and I shall catch a falling leaf.

The moon is waning.

I put my prayer beads on.

I did my  morning pages

by the light of our

I did a bit of Green Magic
with some fresh mint.

Happy Halloween.
Happy Sunday Safari.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Harvest Gifts

Our daughter sent gifts
wrapped so lovely we waited a few days to open.

She knitted me a hat

and for her Dad a neck warmer.
She took to knitting.
She made the buttons from a twig.
She is very cleaver.

I wore Owly hat this morning

when I went walking.
She is a perfect fit.

The air was cool and

the sky clear.

The leaves are at peak color.

Back home I found a Katydid on my chair

and a mantis in the cosmos.

I slipped a vanilla bean
into my mug of coffee and sat with the birds and the bugs
while I read my book.

It did not end well for the fly.

The Red Breasted Nuthatch
has returned.

I am so happy to see him.
The Juncos have also returned.

I said goodbye to the Monarchs.
I think their time with me is drawing to a close.
The wind is to shift to the north tonight.
I suspect I will have many days to wear
Owly hat.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Safari

A few Monarchs came into the garden this afternoon

and a Pearl Crescent was in the Cosmos.

I love shadow art. I look for it.

Our little chipmunk was gathering for winter.

I enjoyed being outside with the birds and bugs today.

The colors were gorgeous.

Little spots of color in the gardens delight me.

I want to grow gourds again
next year.

I use them for decorating.

There are a few tomatoes to pick.

I pinched some fresh mint this morning
for my glass of water.

I am studying the mint family.

I will miss the fresh mint this winter.

Herbs are magical plants for me.
I will be growing more of them next year.
Each flower bed will have a herb.
I already know where the border of chives will be.
The sun is beginning to set.
It is time for me to go walking.
Happy Sunday Safari.