Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Safari

We stayed home today.
It is hot and humid.
It is still summer.

I did a bit of deadheading in the
 Butterfly Bush.
I need nectar plants for the butterflies.

It has been an incredible summer for the Black Swallowtail.

Lots of caterpillars still remain on the fennel.
I have found a few empty chrysalis.
I am looking for fresh ones!

The end of Summer is all about the seeds
 in my garden.

The trees are full.

Seeds are beautiful.

I love watching them develop.
I walked down the street to check on my
neighbor's Magnolia.
These are gorgeous seed heads.

I watch as the berries ripen.

Native shrubs and trees provide food
for the birds.

The Spice bushes
are full of red berries.

Location makes a huge difference in my yard.
The front Dogwood is on the North side;
the back Dogwood is on the South.

I read that migrating birds
depend on the berries.

We are replanting many of the gardens.

I want to find a balance
 between native and exotic.

I want to have a four season garden.

I am thinking of planting more flowers
for late summer.

I depend on the marigolds.
I gather their seeds every year.

I think about seeds.

There is much to consider
before planting trees and shrubs.
I ask myself,
"Is this good for the bugs, for the birds
for the people?"

I am listening to music.

I am reading.

Our gardens are in transition.

The Robber Flies

and Cooper's Hawk

help to maintain balance.

I am looking for balance.

August was fun
even with the heat and humidity.

We learned to make preserves.

We put up 26 1/2 pints of fig preserves.

We did pressure canning too
with out blowing up the kitchen.

I am packing up the August decorations.
I am saying goodbye to the sunflowers.
I am looking forward to September.
Happy Sunday Safari.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Hello, Welcome to our world

It was a bright morning.

The bees and butterflies were already flying
 when I went to check on the chrysalis.
Today would be the day!

I checked on the Black Swallowtail Caterpillars.
All six were doing just fine.

A Common Checkered Skipper
caught my attention.

A Black Swallowtail flew
over my head.

When I returned to the potting table
the Monarch had emerged.

"Hello dear Monarch.

Welcome to our world."

I sat with the Monarch.

I watched as he took his first flight.

My heart was already full when
a Great Spangled Fritillary

landed on a Marigold.

       These are the colors of joy.
A very happy day.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


The North wind blew cool air
into our gardens.
I wore long sleeves this morning
 when I went out to feed the birds.
The butterflies were basking

in the early morning sunshine.

The morning glories
stayed open a little bit longer
in the cooler morning air.

The Tigers were slow

to wake up this morning.

The Hummingbirds
perched up.

There are four coming to the feeder.

I will miss them when they leave.

The House Wrens raised four
little ones this summer.

The Cardinals are in their molt.

I check the Monarch chrysalis that hangs
under my potting table each morning.

I watched as this
 newly emerged Monarch dried her wings.

We have begun transition time.

The leaves of the Dogwood
are beginning to turn.

The Black Swallowtail caterpillars
are growing so fast.

I found an empty Black Swallowtail
chrysalis when I was weeding.

There is still time for butterflies

and marigolds.

There is still time for watching wasps
 in the Garden Rue

and Dragonflies near the ponds.

There is still time for bees.

We still have some summer days
but the leaves are starting to fall.
We are beginning transition.