Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Safari

The Rain Dragons have returned.
I went to bed last night to the sounds of their thunder.
I woke this morning to the sounds of the
 Rose Breasted Grosbeaks!
I am so happy they remembered my backyard.

It rained off and on all day.

I sat outside with the birds.

They were wet!

I put out extra treats.

White-Crowned Sparrows often stay for the summer.

The  male Goldfinches are in their summer dress.

 The House Wrens are nesting.

We have baby Robins and I am pretty sure
the Woodpeckers are feeding young.

She comes and gets a nut and  quickly flies off.

I have seen three Harris' Sparrows.
Maybe we will have young ones this year.

The Hummingbirds are back!
I have not seen the females yet.

Even in the rain the Orioles are bright.

I will enjoy every minute with them.
 Rain Dragons and migrators make May
 a very beautiful month.

Happy Sunday Safari.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Safari

The birds were singing this morning.

I sat with them while they had their grapes.
I am waiting for the Orioles to return.
They should be here tomorrow or Tuesday.
A cold front came in this afternoon. Maybe the cooler temperatures will help to slow down Spring.
The peonies are very early.
I shall dry some for winter tea.

 We went to a Kite festival yesterday.
A Variegated Fritillary was nectaring on dandelions
when I stepped out of the car.
 I knew I was going to have a great time.
The wind was calm but everyone
 seemed to be having fun.

Lots of the big kites laid on the ground.

I took photographs for our kite club.

We are planning to attend a kite festival in May

We are kiters.

Kiters are fun people to be with.

A couple from Michigan set up an ocean.
They had a few schools of fish.

We bought Hedcote Lavender for our hedge.
We are adding sand to our soil to improve the drainage.
We will mulch the lavenders with
white sand and white marble rock.
Hedcote is the best variety for my zone 6 gardens.
It will tolerate my humidity as long as it has good drainage.

I bought 8 white dahlias for the fig garden.
A bit of delight just for me.

The roses are blooming.
I use them for my rose water.

I watched a Question Mark butterfly lay eggs in the hops.
We will have the next generation soon.

It is Earth Day.
May we all find joy in being outside with the birds
and bugs and blooms.
Happy Sunday Safari.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Safari

The butterflies are taking shelter from the wind.

Late spring flowers are in bloom.

The peonies are showing color.

The roses are opening.
Time for me to harvest to make rose water.
The sage is in bloom.

Every day I walk my gardens.
Every day I am surprised by what is in bloom.

I have decided to plant another lavender hedge.
This one is to be planted
by the apron of the driveway.

I am reading and choosing
 the best lavender for my location.

With over 400 cultivars to choose from
 I am sure to find the perfect match.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Sunday Safari

It is wonderful to walk out into the backyard

and watch the Eastern Tailed Blues.

They are tiny but exquisite.
It is wonderful to go outside

and see the bugs.

I sat with the Dogwoods.

I watched the lettuce grow.

Happy Easter.

Happy Sunday Safari.