Wednesday, June 30, 2010



I am learning a new way.


I am reading a new to me poet.

Each night I join thousands in prayer.

I am inspired.

I have been changed
by my trip to the North West.

I am looking deep within.

I am dreaming about Yellowstone
and Bison.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Safari

We are home from our adventure to the
Pacific Northwest.

I hold the memory of the coolness of Yellowstone and
the beauty of the Mountain Blue birds.

I wore a jacket on the coast.

Watching Puffins was exciting.

Being with our children was the best.
We laughed and cooked together.
We hugged and played.

It rained 15 inches while we were gone.

The gardens are thriving.
Volunteers are as tall as the sunflowers.

The Bee Balm is just beginning to bloom.

It is hot and humid in my backyard.

The birds seem to be happy I have returned.

Many juveniles are coming to the feeders.

We are walking at dusk when the temperatures drop
and the fireflies fly.
We are getting back into our routine.
It is summer.
Happy Sunday Safari.