Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Safari

A northeasterly breeze has brought in
cooler morning temperatures. It feels like Autumn.

Still we are in extreme drought.
The cold front brought a tiny bit of moisture,
 a tenth of one inch. We are grateful for every drop.

Our son sent gifts. I am so grateful for the shower filter.

His first batch of rose water smells delicious.
I am committed to growing roses.

I have begun to plan our Spring 2013 gardens.
I am focusing on scent and host plants for the butterflies.
I am doing my research.

I am humbled by Paul Watson, the captain of the Farley, the flagship of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.
His commitment to saving whales has inspired me.

The Monarchs are coming to the gardens.
I am doing everything I can so they have milkweed and nectar.

I am taking a sabbatical.

I am being creative.

I am falling in love every day.
I will be gone for a few weeks.
May you enjoy your end of summer days.

Happy Sunday Safari!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Safari

Day 74

The drought of 2012 continues.
I am grateful for the zinnias.

The bees and butterflies are finding nectar.

Millions of butterflies are dying in the heat and drought.

Gardeners are being asked to plant milkweeds and
butterfly bushes for the migrating Monarchs.
Setting out cut up fruit is also an excellent food source.

The Dogwoods are dropping leaves.
Their berries already ripe.

We went to our dark sky site last night to watch the
Perseid meteor shower.
It was very fun until clouds covered the skies.
Only light sprinkles on our drive home.

Lisa from Greenbow sent me a beautiful gift.
It is now my new nightstand book.
Lisa is so kind. I will treasure each page.

Closing ceremonies air this evening.
A friend is coming over to watch with me.
I have enjoyed the Summer Olympics so very much this year.
The heat and drought have kept me inside these past two weeks.
I will miss the games.

Perhaps the drought will end soon.
Perhaps the butterflies will rebound.
We can always hope.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Sunday Safari

It was cool when I awoke this morning,
66 degrees at 6am.

The birds were already up.


It would be a couple of hours 

before the butterflies were out.

The north wind had come up
 yesterday evening.

Rain clouds developed.
We could see the rain evaporating before it hit the trees.
The rainbow left me with hope; this drought will end someday.

Thank goodness it was cool this morning.
I count my blessings.
The butterflies are finding nectar.
I will keep watering the zinnias.

We are enjoying the summer games.

We have plans to stay up tonight to watch in real time as
Curiosity makes her touchdown on Mars.

Happy Sunday Safari.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Safari

Our drought continues.

The Zinnias are providing food for the butterflies.
I water them twice a day.

Today's forecast is for 106 degrees.
Too hot for me to be outside even in the shade.

The lawn is straw.
I am feeding the birds and making sure they have plenty of water.

Every now and again
I peek out and watch the butterflies .
I am happy they have nectar.

We are watching the Olympics.
I am looking forward to Fencing.

We are getting ready to pack up July.
August is coming and I want to be ready.

We will remember July 2012.
We will remember to be grateful for every
drop of rain that falls.

Water is a precious resource.

I am planning the gardens for 2013.
We will replant.
We are gardeners.
We always have hope.

Happy Sunday Safari.
May you have cool shade to rest in.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Safari

As the temperatures rise
and the drought continues

I am impressed how nature adjusts.

Butterflies seek shade

and the large leafed plants
fold their leaves.

Mating continues

and the small butterflies 
seem to be less skittish.

The Missouri River is lower than normal.
The Corps of Engineers is 
releasing water upstream.
Keeping barge traffic operating is a priority.

After our early morning watering 
 we came inside.

We watched the finale ride
into Paris.

Congratulations to Bradley Wiggins.
Congratulations Great Britain.
This is your week.

The Open played at Royal Lytham & St. Anne's golf course.
The fourth round was very exciting. The course in Lancashire, England is remarkable.  I knitted while marveling at the sand traps! On these amazing hot and dry days I work at finding ways to enjoy the afternoons. Thank goodness for air conditioning and knitting. It is 105 degrees in the shade.

I am looking forward to watching the summer Olympics.
Opening celebrations are next Friday.
 I have been following the the torch relay.
The Olympic Flame is in London! Such fun.
I remember when in 1984, the Olympic Torch
was on its relay west across the U.S. to California.

A runner came down the street in front of my house
 with the Torch burning brightly.
Family and friends gathered on my front lawn.
It was very exciting.

There is barely a breeze this afternoon.
Very low humidity. The air is dry.
I will water again. The gardens depend on me in the heat
and drought. The seedlings seem to call out for water.

I put a sunhat up on the porch wall.
It seemed to be the perfect end of July decoration.

The shootings in Colorado have touched my heart.

We are one.
Happy Sunday Safari.