Tuesday, November 24, 2009

ABC Wednesday

The sheets dried in the sun.
I watched as shadow stripes told of the time.

I snipped some sage.
I will stir it into my other seasonings.
It smells like November to me.

Seed pods are opening,
silently sending their treasures to fertile soils.

I save some to scatter next Spring.

The late season warmth brought out
a Snout butterfly to sun.

A Sharp-shinned Hawk searches the backyard.
He hunts for Sparrows.

Each month I have a program of study.

Sometimes I study the Solar System

I always study the Stars.

We are in the days of Sagittarius.

In the Summer I see Scorpio rise low on the horizon.

There are many signs and symbols in my world.

I have been seeing spots.

My friend gave me a wonderful book.

In the afternoons I sit and spin.

In the evenings I knit homespun yarn into slippers.

I started a pair of slippers for my sister.
I am knitting homespun black alpaca.
It is very soft.
I hope the slippers will keep her snug
while she recuperates from surgery.

I will be taking care of her.
I will sing her silly songs.

Happy ABC Wednesday.
Today we celebrate the letter S.
Join in the spirit.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Safari

I watched the birds in my backyard today.

The Blue Jays are hunting acorns.

The Juncos hunt for scattered seed.

The House Sparrows

hide in the bushes and the trees watching and waiting to come to the deck for seed.
We are preparing the gardens for winter.
Happy Sunday Safari.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bird Report

The winter birds are here.

Carolina Wrens,

Downy Woodpeckers,


and Purple Finches are a few of the birds
that call my backyard, "Home for the holidays."

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

ABC Wednesday

R is for Roses

and Research.
R is for Road trips.

and Rivers.

R is for Railroads.

R is for Rumi

and Roving.

R is for Reminder.

Happy ABC Wednesday.
For more remarkable rs visit Mrs Nesbit and the team.

First snow

There was snow on the ground
when I awoke.

It is the first snow of the season.

A small flock of twelve Northern Cardinals came to the deck.

A Red Breasted Nuthatch came to the deck.

House Finches fed with Purple Finches

and Gold Finches.

The marigolds have snow caps this morning.

I made a wish on the first snow.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Safari part two

We drove south on the Great River Road.

We went to visit where the Cherokee Nation came across the Mississippi River in 1838,
during the government ordered relocation.

We went to Trail of Tears State Park.

We came to honor those that died on the trail.

We came to honor the Cherokee Nation.

We walked on some of the trail.

We watched a film that answered some of my questions.
It is sad.

I bought a couple of books.

I brought home a deep respect for the Cherokee people.

The light was fading. We needed fuel.
We stopped in Cape Girardeau.

On their flood wall a large mural has been painted remembering the history of this area.

The Trail of Tears is remembered.

It was dark when we finished supper.

We admired the bridge over the Mississippi River.

A Sharp Shinned Hawk hunts in my backyard.

It is raining.

I am reading my books.

Happy Sunday Safari.