Monday, April 26, 2010


We have had rain for the last six days.

Tonight after supper a rainbow.

It is cold for April, 45 degrees.
The rainbow gives me hope for warmer days.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Safari

Rain kept us home until mid-morning.

Our Wetland adventure today took us
75 miles south.

Although the clouds hung low we hoped for clearing skies.

Meadowlarks sang as we entered the Wetlands.
This wetland is divided into four units
and covers 13,929 acres.

I was inspired.

We were pleased with the number of shore birds we saw.
A few groups of Lesser Yellowlegs

with a sightening of a female
Wilson's Phalarope.

 Many pairs of Blue-winged Teal

and nesting Canadian Geese.

There is a Blue Heron rookery here.

The Herons were skittish and the wind
made for difficult photography.
It was cool, 57 degrees with a strong north-westerly wind.
A few brave butterflies, Red Admirals, Orange Sulphers
 and Dragonflies were out.

Killdeer and

Red-winged Blackbirds
were nesting.

Wildflowers in the wetlands are different
than the wildflowers in the prairies.

I have lots to learn about the wetlands.
Happy Sunday Safari.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day

We planned for Earth Day 2010.

We planned to plant a Pear tree.

I have done my research.
I eat a pear every morning.
It is my favorite fruit.

I have been writing about the good pear.
I have been remembering. When I was a young lady my 
Father planted a pear tree for me.

We found our Pear tree at a local nursery.
              This is the sames species of tree that once
                  grew in my parent's back yard.
                 We located the perfect growing spot in our backyard.
                                                                We planted our tree.

I am so happy to see a pear tree in my backyard.
The Pear tree is the beginning of my
Child's Garden of Grace.

My sister's 6 year old's foot print
and my 4 year's old's foot print will be placed in the garden.
My husband carefully removed the stepping stones
 from my parent's patio before
the house was sold in 2001.

Gentle rains began mid-morning.

I came in and turned on a lamp
and some music.

I wrote in my garden journal,
"Earth day, 2010,
Planted the Pear Tree.
Thundershowers watered her in."
Happy Earth Day.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


The parade of flowers continues.

The Spirea began to bloom this morning.

I love watching the relationship
between bloom and pollinator.

I have begun to dry my Spring flowers.

This trellis idea inspired me.
Not all flowers dry very well.

Cut liliacs wilt in the vase in just a couple of days.

I have many vases of lilacs scenting the house.
Once they wilt I lay them in a flower basket to dry.
I use the flowers in my potpouri.

This is my first year to dry Dogwood blooms.

Columbine is so pretty.
I have never seen a bee or a butterfly on the bloom.
I wonder how it is pollinated.
I have never tried to dry the blooms.
 I shall conduct an experiment and see how they dry.

The soapwort is blooming.
Not only will I dry some of the blooms
but also I will press some for my herb journal.
I also want to make up a few bottles of shampoo.
Another experiment.

The chamomile is just beginning to bud.
I use lots of it in the winter for my nightly tea.
I will be air drying many bundles.

This afternoon the first Iris bloom.
I always think the iris are in bloom
for Mother's Day.
This is early for iris.

I brought the watering bell out.
I submerge the terra cotta bell in my watering can
to fill it.

I cover the thumb hole when I remove the bell.
When I water I simply move my thumb.
A gentle spray waters tender seedlings.

 I celebrate Paris in the month of April

and Liliy of the Valley.

I pick half of the blooms for drying and for small arrangements.
The scent is intoxicating to me.
I make sweet nosegays for me to enjoy.

I shall look for Aldebaran, the eye of the bull,
when I walk tonight.
We have entered the days of Taurus,
the second house of the zodiac.
The dandelion clocks
tell me Earth Day is drawing near.
April showers are once again in the forecast.