Friday, February 29, 2008

Thursday, February 28, 2008

No shadows

It is cold and grey today.

The Cardinals were acting as if a cat was about.

I could hear a rustling.

A groundhog came out from under the deck.

I backed up so I could get a picture!
We will need to set the trap.

Book Signing

My book has already been signed.
I have read my book three times.

Yet I still am excited to go to Sandi's book signing.
It is exciting to see my friend and to hear her read.

Sandi supports independent booksellers as well as corporate,
Tonight she will be at reading and signing in Kansas City at I Love A Mystery.

This weekend she will be signing at Barnes & Noble and Borders in Independence, Missouri.

February 28, 1998-2008

Ten years have past since this Peace Lily came.
A gift at your birth.

I am caring for it now.
The leaves get dusted and the soils refreshed every so often.
I water your plant with the leftover water Grandpa brings home after his day of work.
Water that is room temperature, water that has traveled the city,
water that I pour with gratitude and love.

It has two blooms today.
Once they are finished I will give your birth plant a hair cut.
I will dry the spathe for your memorial tree.
I will bring it in June with fresh rosemary,
on the date of your next new birth.

I care for your birth plant and it cares for me.
My air is cleaned and refreshed.
My eyes soothed by the green foliage.
A tiny whiff of sweet fragrance reminds me of you.

I looked at the pictures from all four of your birthday parties.
You liked Blue's Clues.

We remember this day when you graced us with your tiny smile.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wee folk

I am reviewing my field guide.

I am looking for the Sheerie.
The land Sheerie can be found just about anyplace.
They appear normally right at twilight.

I also am looking for Bootes.
My March constellation.

It is known as the Herdsman.

At my house it is known as, "Bootes the Kite!"

Be Prepared

Every month I have a motto.

From my Girl Scout days
I made a magnet for the refrigerator.

My dear friend gave me a stained glass kite.
She knows I love kites.

I laid my jade pieces out on my dresser tray.
They will look nice with my yellows and greens.
Each piece has meaning for me,
gifts from my husband and son.

Yet it is the kite earrings I am most excited about.
A find from the Yellowstone gift shop!
However March comes in I will be wearing my kite earrings.
It is my March first activity.
I really like kites!

From Hearts to Kites

February things are packed up.
The hearts are stored until next year.
Valentine roses are drying in a pretty basket.
Candy boxes are wrapped in tissue.

The Kites are out!
My favorite part of March is flying kites.

I am like a Hobbit.
My front door is yellow.
In March my colors are chiefly green and yellow.

We celebrate the Celtic tradition in March.
Lots of shamrocks and Leprechauns decorate my house.
I will sow my clover seeds in little shamrock pots tomorrow.

Spring cleaning has begun.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


I sat with Mockingbird this afternoon,
or should I say he sat with me?
I chatted about all sorts of things.
He did not seem to mind.

Many birds were out today.
The sun was bright and the overnight snows began to melt
as the temperature rose into the 40's.

I was talking with Mockingbird about my plans for the up coming week.
I want to sweep the deck and pack up the February decorations.
I am thinking about beginning my Spring cleaning.

One thought led to another and I got up just to see
if any of the crocuses had begun to emerge.

A tip of a daffodil in the front flower bed.
It is not Spring yet.
Just a promise made.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Running errands

We drove through the park on our way across town.
We were hoping to see the Red-headed Woodpeckers.

Only one was visible from the road.

It is above freezing.
The ice has melted.

Hawks are hunting.

I needed nuts for the Nuthatches and the Woodpeckers.
I hope the Flickers return.

Common Flicker

I have been waiting to see the Flickers.
Hoping they would come to the gardens.

I have heard them off and on all month,
"klee-yer, klee-yer, klee-yer."
Last year they were here in January.

This morning I saw this Flicker while sitting at my desk.
He was looking for bugs in the front maple tree.
This is a Yellow-shafted Flicker. A nice sized bird, 12-14 inches.
I think his mate is near by.

It is still cold and only partly sunny.
The Common Flicker has warmed me up.
I want to spend some time outside.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sleet and snow

Once again the Cardinals
help to tell my story.

When the sleet began a pair of Cardinals
came to my office window.

Squirrels were in their feeder.
I was still in my robe and slippers.

The birds do not mind my hair uncombed.

They like me just the way I am
as long as I chase the squirrels and bring fresh seed.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

We laid on the bed and looked out the window as
the Full Snow Moon began its eclipse.

As the eclipse progressed
we slowly had to move.

Finally we went outside.

I wanted to see total eclipse.

It is very cold. The wind is blowing.
I could only stay out for a couple of minutes.

Friendship brings warmth

The mail arrived.
In with the bills and invitations to parties
was a package from Lisa at Greenbow.
We are having a book exchange.

If you would like to join in please visit our Book Club.

Lisa painted me a bookmark.
She is a wonderful artist and a new dear friend.
My heart is warmed by her kindness.
I feel so warm I can turn off the space heater.
Thank you, Lisa.

Bringing in the heat

It is so cold today.

I need warmth.

I look to the red of the male Cardinal.

It is a watercolor day.

Even bundled up
and wrapped in my blankets
I am cold.

Full Snow Moon

The Full Snow Moon
rises this evening.

A Sharp-shinned Hawk
was nestled in the back forsythia hedge.

Much smaller than the Cooper's Hawk.

It is so cold outside I may not greet the moon tonight.
I may celebrate today while the sun is shining.

I stirred some co-coa into my morning coffee.
I wrote, " Three degees, Full Snow Moon, mocha and Hawks"
in my journal.

I warmed my apple and sprinkled it with cinnamon.

I need to bring in the heat.

It is so cold.