Saturday, May 31, 2008

End of May

I am packing up the May decorations,

saying goodbye to the Maypole
and farewell to May's clouds.

There is cleaning to do.

The trees have finished blooming.

I am fixing the house for June.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blue Jay

The only blue bird that comes to my feeders
is the Blue Jay.

I did see an Indigo Bunting two different times this month.
They were just passing through.

Last year a family of Blue Birds
were across the street in the cemetery.
I have not seen them this year.

The Blue Jays are year round residents.
They were successful already this year.

I saw three Jays on the deck.
They acted as if they were family.
They all looked exactly alike.
I thought this Jay was the dad since he
seemed to be keeping an eye out for danger.

Rose crafting

When I cut the miniature roses
I only cut one third of the buds off the bush.
That way there are some that open to full bloom.

I can use the petals for rose teas, water or syrups.
I like to pick a miniature rose for my water glass or
for garnish for my salad.

The roses are pretty in little vases tucked into surprise spots.
I like to have a few inside my glass doored cabinets.
I like to wear them in my hair and on my hat.
Now that the rose bush is producing I should have miniature roses
until frost.

I added to the rose garland I started two years ago.
Last year I let the rose bush heal from the hard frost.
Some of the roses I will dry whole for winter crafting.
The roses look pretty drying in the open weave basket
on the dining room table.
Plus I am reminded to dry roses.

I strung the rose petal beads I made yesterday.
I will add to this string each time I make rose water.

It is wonderful to be back rose crafting.
I have missed working with the roses.


Parsley is a biennial
so I sow seed every year.

I gather the seed when it is ripe and dry it for next year.

I grow the parsley for the Black Swallowtails.
It is one of the host plants the butterflies need for their caterpillars.

After washing the seed in a mild detergent,
(I use lavender water)
I soak the seed for 24 hours.

I strain off the water and I am ready to sow.
I direct sow parsley after danger of frost
and the soil has warmed.
I like the triple curled leaf but all types of parsley are pretty.
I sowed enough seed today for the butterflies and for me!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Chilly evening

After supper I went to the deck with a hot cup of tea.
I brought my blanket with me.
The air was chilly with a light breeze.

I was so pleased to see Chipping Sparrow at the feeders.
I seldom see him.

The miniature pink roses are starting to open. I will dry some.
I have an idea for a new small Christmas tree.
I want to do a rose tree with a rose garland circling from the top of the tree to the bottom. I think a table top feather tree would be pretty. I am making rose petal beads for my tree.

I will dry rose petals this year. I have this idea of large glass jars filled with rose petals on my hearth in January. I am planning ahead. I am thinking "roses" for 2009. Lots and lots of roses. Maybe I will see about replanting the rose bushes that died last year.

I watched the Painted Daisies dance in the evening breeze.
Tomorrow I will bring the flower presses up.
I think a few pressed Painted Daisies would be nice
next February when the cold northern wind blows.

Perhaps I will make my Valentines from garden pressed flowers.

My book arrived this afternoon.
I started reading.
I started taking notes.
I have ideas and dreams and desires.
I feel creative.
I feel good again.
My vitality is returning.

A little bit of harvest

Enough white roses were in bloom this morning
for me to make my rose water.
I will make lots of rose water this summer and freeze it.
I use rose water for teas and for cosmetics.

This is the first bloom of a peony bush
we planted nine years ago.

I am patient.
I thought it would bloom when it was ready.
I cut 36 stems of peonies for the house.

The clover is in bloom.

I have been harvesting camomile too.
I am putting up now for winter tea.
Over the weekend my husband and I planted lots of seeds.
Already our squash is sprouted as is the romaine.
Spinach, basil and dill will be sprouting any day.
The tomatoes have blooms.
I am hoping to be harvesting all summer.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

The cemetery across the street from my house
has a parade of flags each Memorial Day.

The streets are lined with over 2600 flags.
Each flag represents a soldier buried in this 130 acre cemetery.

When I went out this morning the flags were already flying.
I was concerned when I heard thunder.
By noon the flags were wet.

My Red Poppies opened in the rain.
These are the poppies I think of when I read Flander's Field.

Today I learned the history of the Buddy Poppy.
My husband I placed peonies on the family graves yesterday.
We remember.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Thursday, May 22, 2008


The pale pink Peonies began to open in the rain
this morning.

Three peony plants came to my garden, bare roots
wrapped in newspaper, on a very warm Summer day.
A friend of my son brought them to me and said they needed a home.

My heart was touched by these homeless peonies.

The plants soaked in a bucket of water while a few holes were dug into the back yard.
I figured the flower bed would come in later. The plants needed to get into the ground.

I was very pleased when the plants took.
Each year when they bloom I am grateful I opened my garden to them.

Rainy Morning

I awoke to the sounds of thunder.

We needed rain.

I stayed inside and worked with my notes from last night's teleconference.
I worked on a post for Ayurveda Way.
I did a bit of on line shopping.
I did not notice the rain had stopped.

The Orioles came up to the deck to let me know.

They wanted their morning jelly.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Mockingbird came for his raisins.
He seemed tired.
It is a busy time for him and his mate,
I understand.

I thought now would be a good time
to give the pep talk.

I talked about how important it was for Mockingbird
to be sure and chase the Starlings out of the yard.
Once those youngsters begin coming to the deck the raisins will be gone.

I can keep the raisins stocked for him and the Robins
but the Starlings are too numerous.

He seemed to understand.

At least he sat for a bit and relaxed.

A webcast

Tonight Dr. Nancy , an Ayurveda Practitioner,
will give a webcast program on wellness.
I will be listening.

I am working on my wellness
and remembering to drink lots of water.

Like the plants and the bugs and birds

I need clean water.

I wonder what Dr. Nancy would say about that?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Peonies and Poppies

The Peonies are beginning to open.
We have four different varieties growing in the gardens.

I hope to have some to decorate the graves this coming weekend.
I will need twenty bouquets this year.

The Poppies continue to open.

I could do Poppies too.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Full Flower Moon

The Full Flower Moon is tonight.
I will take a moon bath.

Today I walk with Black Swallowtails.

It is windy and warm.

The Spring Asures flit in the grass.
Birds, bugs and blooms......
Moon beams......
these are a few of my favorite things!
Happy Full Flower Moon.