Saturday, June 30, 2007

Full Strawberry Moon

The Full Strawberry Moon was behind the rains.
My husband took me out to get peanuts for the woodpeckers.
We drove by The Little Blue River. It is full and still in it's banks.
No picinics today.
The soft, gentle rains continue.
It is chilly out.
I leave June with a sweater on.
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I think I may need one of these soon.
The mechanic six blocks away has one in his garage.

His is in perfect running condition.
Not many are left. Not many still swim.
They are very cool.
My little car doesn't get out in the rain.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Looking for bugs

The rains stopped.
The bugs began to come out.
I like bugs.
I think I will change the lens of the camera and go bug hunting.

Still Raining

The rains continued overnight;
we had half an inch.
Before dark yesterday I had emptied the rain gauge.
I wrote on the calender, "2 inches."

I will wait until evening to empty for today.
It is end of month.
I will make my tallies, back up my photos and prepare to pack up the June things.
The Full Strawberry Moon is tomorrow morning, 8th hour 49th minute CDT.
Soon July will be here.
The sun will dry the leaves.
The humidity will rise again.
The temperatures will shoot into the 90's.

It is cool outside today.
I have long sleeves on.
There is anticipation in the air.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hummer in the rain

I watched the female Hummingbird
catch raindrops.
She took a rain shower.
Cleaned her beak
and washed her wings.

No need for my pretty bird bath as long as we have rain.
One of these days we will be dry and needing rain.
Maybe she will try the bird bath then.
I can wait.

Soft and Gentle

The rains today are soft.
A continuous, gentle, morning shower.

The Rose Of Sharon had begun to bloom.
It opened in the rain.

After feeding the birds I checked on supper for tonight.
It is zucchini time in the vegetable garden.
Next week's supper is in bloom.
I have about 24 inches of dry space underneath the back eaves.
I perched up.
I had my morning coffee with the female Hummingbird.
I let my hair air dry, it took awhile.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The rains came

The rain barrels are full again.
I went out in the rain and picked zucchini for supper.
Grilled, rain washed, freshly picked, zucchini sandwiches, you can't get that in a restaurant!

Good Morning

The Morning Glories in the deck pots are opening.
Heavy rain is in the forecast.
Someone else will have to keep watch.
I am off to visit my friend.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Finding Food

The Tiger Swallowtail has been flying about.
Around the house I have seen him fly.
Over the house and back again.
One brief land on the cone flowers and off he went.
I am watching the cone flowers.

Mr. Cardinal brought a treat for his mate.
I have been watching him in my neighbor's yard.
He is a butterfly catcher.

The Robins stay close to the feeding station.
The worms seem to be plentiful there.

No rain today.
Maybe tomorrow.
It is hot and humid.

Monday, June 25, 2007


The cicadas have begun singing at dusk.

A summertime song.

While I lingered...

I was lingering on the deck this morning
having one more cup of coffee.
I saw a flash of blue.
Back in the Bittersweet I saw.
Are you Indigo Bunting?

Are you Blue Grosbeak?
I think I need a closer look.
I think I shall go back outside and linger near the bittersweet.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Black Swallowtail

The Black Swallowtail teased me.

I had been watching as she flew around the yard.
Finally she found the purple cone flowers.
I have parsley growing for her to lay her eggs on.
I will plant more cone flowers and more parsley.


I had been wanting to get some
Jasmine photos.
The Clearwing Hummingbird Moth came in and helped.
I like bugs on flowers.
I like birds on flowers.

The Pink Room

My older sister, by only two years,
and I shared a bedroom, when we were children.
She left when she went to college.
It was the girl's room.
It was painted pink.
It was a tiny bedroom by today's standards.
Just room for a double bed, a double dresser and a small cabinet we called, "the doll cabinet".
My sister and I played many games in our pink room.
We would lay on our bed and look up at the ceiling fixture and pretend.
That fixture is now in my home office as is the doll cabinet.

When we would tire of our ceiling fixture we would go to our brother's room,
the boy's room.
We laid on their bed and traveled to far away places.
That fixture is in my guest room, the travel room.
Dragonfly Suites for when our daughter comes for a visit.

We laid on the floor in the living room and looked at the ceiling.
The crystal drops would send rainbows dancing around the room.
My sister and I would delight in the fairies.
That fixture is in my bedroom now.
On June 24, 2000, at age 49, my sister died of breast cancer.
She had battled for ten years.
She lived in California.
I was bringing my Mother to see her.
She died while we were flying over.

I admired my older sister.
She was smart and beautiful.
I miss her very much.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Kate sent me a thank you gift.
Handmade treasures!
In a little gold bag with beads she sent a button bracelet for me.
A lovely river rock from her collection!
She made me a journal!
A place for me to write.
A place for me to keep tract of the Art filled life.
She is kind and gracious and I appreciate her.
I will treasure my treasures.
I treasure my friend.

Thank you Kate.
Your handmade things are so beautiful!
I love them.