Friday, July 31, 2009

Goodbye and Hello

Goodbye July.

You have been a delight this year.

You have been cool and wet.

Hello August.

It is Sunflower time.

I am making plans for August.

We celebrate Lammas, First Harvest, on August first.

We shall continue Sunday Safari, The Study of the Prairie, this coming month.

The Full Green Corn Moon is August 5 th and the Perseid Meteor Shower is on the 12 th.

Each Friday in August I shall be having a Spa Day at home. I am preparing my oils and gathering my supplies. Tuesday is arts and craft day and Wednesday is my day to be with friends and post my ABC!

Everyday has bloom, bird and bug time.

Everyday is a day to celebrate.

Happy August!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

ABC Wednesday

B is for Buckeyes
in the Butterfly Bush.

Looks like a bird took a bite from this one.

B is for Bees in the Bee Balm

and for bugs that look like bees.

B is for Butterfly in the Bindweed

and Blue Birds

building a nest.

B is for Bowling Balls.

They do not really grow in fields or on trees.

Happy ABC Wednesday.

B is for beautiful!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Giant Swallowtail

A Giant Swallowtail

nectars in the Mimosa.

It is the largest butterfly in North America.

I grow garden rue for a host plant.

I am on the western edge of their range.
Thank you Giant for visiting!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Safari

In the Flint Hills, in the state of Kansas,
a 10,894 acre Tallgrass Prairie
is a National Park.
When I walked in the prairie I could feel the vastness.
I knew endless sun and endless grasses.
Prairie, as far as my eye could see.
I saw the Variegated Fritillary.
She is lovely.
Darners, Pennants and Damselflies defended their territory.
The Halloween Pennant is known as a Skimmer.

There are streams and ponds in the Prairie.
They are teaming with life!

The grasses in the Prairie are alive with Katydids,

and wasps.

The Eastern Collared Lizard lives in this prairie.

As do many different Grasshoppers.

We hiked for five hours.
I was hot and tired.

This is a pristine prairie.
A wonderful Sunday safari.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

ABC Wednesday

A is for Apple,


and Almonds.

A is for Alpaca,


and Alligator.

A is for Ant, an angry Arachnid

and an Anglewing.

A is for Art.


and Audubon come to mind.

Happy ABC Wednesday.

Happy round five.

Thank you Mrsnesbitt.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tawny Owl Feather

I opened the package.

Gifts from the heart.

Treasures from my friend.

A Tawny Owl feather from her sanctuary.

Handmade garden markers for my herbs.

She knows the Mountain Ash is my tree.

She knows Autumn is my time.

A Book of Days for our time together.

We hunt for bugs together on Sundays.
We know each other with our hearts.

She believes in me when I forget to.

The Tawny Owl feather is in a crystal box on my desk.

It is a forever treasure.

The blue star pin is on my Safari hat.

Cheryl from My Wildlife Sanctuary is in my heart.

I am so grateful we are friends.

My heart to heart friend.