Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Safari

It is a rainy Sunday.

Between showers I fed the birds.
I spent a few minutes with them
 before it began raining again.

We did a bit of shopping yesterday.
 "White on White" is my October theme this year.

We choose new pots for our over wintering plants.
We choose how our indoor October Haunted Forest
will look.

We talked about what our needs are.
We talked about what we want.
We made our choices.

We enjoy having caterpillars in the house.
Since we have two small cats on parsley
we will need more parsley for them to eat.

I am amazed.
Choosing is powerful.
When I chose to bring a few caterpillars indoors
I chose a new way of living.

I choose to grow mums.
I like them in the October gardens.
 I cut many bouquets for the October house.
I have an old white mum growing in the garden.
 It will wonderful for "White on White."

I choose to grow American Bittersweet.
It is becoming rare in my region.
I like it for Autumn decorating.

 I choose to garden for the bees, birds and butterflies.
I choose to grow Asters.
They are a host and nectar plant.
I choose to grow a mix of native and cultivated.

I enjoy going out to the gardens and clipping mint
for my afternoon pot of tea.
I choose to grow lots of mint.
I dry lots for winter.

 I have chosen to go on retreat.
I have chosen to unplug.
I have chosen to to be off line for a little while.

I will celebrate the Autumn Equinox.
I will celebrate the New Apple Moon.
I will celebrate October with white on white.

I am choosing to witness the miracle of life;
leaves for tea, seeds to seeds, caterpillars to butterflies,
moon to moon.

The seasons are changing and I choose to change too.
I will be back in October.

Happy Sunday Safari!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Safari

The Carolina Wren sounded off
 first thing this morning.

The Northern Cardinals have finished their molt.

The Chick-a-dees
and Mocking Birds come and go.
Their lives are as they should be.

It is ten years later.
We remember.

We will always remember.

I walked the gardens.
I spent time with the butterflies.

We made fig preserves
for our Harvest Moon celebration.

I took care of the caterpillars.

Fresh milkweed for the Monarch

and fresh Queen Anne's Lace
for the 3 Black Swallowtails.

We will make our wishes on the
 Full Harvest Moon
as she rises tonight.

Happy Sunday Safari.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Sunday Safari

The Monarch chrysalis is becoming translucent.
I can see her wings.
Soon she will emerge.
We have six more Black Swallowtail caterpillars inside.
All are feeding on Queen Anne's Lace.
The other two are making their chrysalis. 
The Orange Dog, the Giant Swallowtail's caterpillar,
 is twice as big since she came in.
I am watching for when she makes her chrysalis.
A moderate breeze blew all day from the north.
The wind harp sang her lovely song.
The wind spinner danced.
We enjoyed cooler temperatures.
Autumn is coming.

The goldenrod is blooming.

The Dogwood's berries are turning red.

I love watching the butterflies.
When Buckeye scooted Black Tiger off the blossom I laughed.

He is gorgeous and
so is she.

I am spending as much time with her as I am able.
I already know how much I will miss her.

An amazing Butterfly that holds my heart.

The juveniles are growing up.

We fixed Henry up in the vegetable garden.
Our September gardens look perfect.
My friend sent a card.
She is mindful.
She is my kindred spirit.

She also sent a book.
She knows my very core.

We walk together every day.
We walk in the gap.
We walk in spirit.

We have our Sunday Safari.
We have our wishes.
We watch the moon.

Thank you Cheryl for your friendship.
Thank you for your kind ways.
I miss you.

Happy Sunday Safari
Happy September!