Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Safari

I watched as the Cloudless Sulphur butterfly
 drifted out of the Ash tree.

She looked like a leaf as she glided to the Marigolds.

As the morning warmed more butterflies found the Marigolds.
I was careful when I walked to the garden.

Common Buckeyes were sunning in the grass.

I treasure these butterfly days.

I know cold air is moving in.

Soon it will be just me and the birds.

We will carve our Jack-o-lantern this evening.
It has been a relaxing October.
May you have a blessed October 31st.
Trick or treat.
Happy Sunday Safari.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Safari

I watered the marigolds this morning.
It is unseasonably warm and dry.
A cold front is coming our way for mid- week.
I hope it brings rain.
I planted the Marigold seed the 15th of August
hoping to have fresh blooms in October.

It has worked out.
I covered them when we had frost last week.
I have watered them.
Having food for the butterflies is nice.
We finished planting the bulbs.
I watered them in.
We will mulch the beds when we prepare them for winter.

I am concerned.
So far we have no acorns on the Pinoak.
Perhaps it has been too dry.
The White Pines are doing fine.
I see plenty of cones.
I shared my fig preserves with a little bee this morning.
 She was wanting my toast.
Today we welcome in Scorpius.
Happy Birthday to those born under this sign.
For me it is my Alchemist time.
I shall once again follow Deepak Chopra.

I am reading about alchemy.
"It is said that the attitude of the artist,
more than the process itself,
is what makes alchemy "The Divine Art."
We are gathering leaves.
We are mixing them with grass clippings.
We are making Black Gold.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Safari

A Black Swallowtail emerged from her chrysalis
 while we were on our adventure.
We found her in the kitchen when we returned
last night.

We released her this afternoon when it warmed up.

I feed the birds this afternoon
and watered the mums.

Rain is in the forcast for tomorrow.

It has been very dry.
We need rain.
We had a wonderful couple of days
with our friends.

Cahokia is a world treasure.

It touches my heart.
I was as awed this time as the first time
 I saw these sculptures.
I have read many books about this culture.

We stayed at Femme Osage Haus bed and breakfast.
The Innkeeper, Mary Maassen, was a perfect hostess.
Her 1880's German Farmhouse was exquisite.
Her breakfast delicious! We will stay with her again.

The festival was very fun.

I enjoy being around creative craftsmen.

Always I leave inspired.

My Straw Dolly collection is growing.

We walked the Osage Trail.
I met kindred spirits.

A cold front is coming in.
 We are to have scattered frost by mid-week.
The growing season is almost over.
It is time to plant bulbs.

Happy Sunday Safari.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Sunday Safari

In October I carry envelopes in my pockets.
I never know when I will find seeds.
I never know when I will find a Spirit house.

I watch as the Bright Eyes Cosmos set seeds.
I watch as they dry in the Autumn sun.
It is the way of Spirit, seed to seed.
I watched as the bees pollinated the squash blossoms.
I watched as the squash grow into fruit.
I harvested for supper.
The Spirit of the squash lives on in the bee and me.
I am watching the chrysalis of the Black Swallowtail.
There are 15 in my house.
These are the Spirit Houses of the butterfly.
I hunt for Spirit Houses each October.

We drove through two very old cemeteries today.
We talked about Spirit Houses.

We talked about birds

and the way color is the Spirit of the leaves.

We talked about bugs and gargoyles.

We talked about symbols.

I think about Spirit.
I ponder life
and death.
I look for beauty for it is the language of the soul.
 I find cemeteries to be very beautiful.
It is the way the living honor the dead that fascinates me.

It is the sacredness of  roots
 and the way leaves dance that enchant me.

There are many stories in cemeteries.

There are many stories in my backyard.

We celebrated international
Observe the Moon Night last night.

We looked at the moon with about 125 others.
We went to the Powell Observatory.
They have a 30 inch telescope.

We had found the Observatory
while on an Artist date last week.
We have a date to go to the Observatory
for October 22 and the 29th.
Hope the skies are clear.

We have our telescope set up in our backyard.
We are learning the Autumn Night Sky.

I would love to see Nebulas.
These are huge Spirit Houses.

We are going to Cahokia
this coming week.
We will share these sacred grounds
with our dear friends.

We are also going to an Autumn festival.
We are sharing the Spirit of the season.
We are building on our traditions.

Happy Sunday Safari