Thursday, May 31, 2007


in a blue Flower Moon,
When May is closing her eyes,

When the earth has been refreshed
the Faeries will dance at dawn.
Happy Full "Blue Flower" Moon Day.
She will hover below Jupiter tonight when she is full
20th hour, 4th minute CDT.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Rain, rain, rain....

I don't mind.
The Beatles
Shine, shine, shine
the weather's fine.

I started a list of rain songs.

Page 28, paragraph 3....

Chris from Notes From A Somerset Garden
tagged me!
I am to look on page 28, paragraph 3, of the book closest to me.
I am to write about my reading.
Very fun.
A book was in my lap at the time I was visiting Chris,
John Bartlett's "Familiar Quotations."
My reading:

Cornelia. What flowers are these?
Gazetta. The pansy this.
Cornelia. Oh, that's for lovers' thoughts.

Shakespeare: Hamlet, Act IV, Sc 5, L. 175

Daddy Longlegs also known as "Harvestman" are friends of the garden.
The other book in my lap was "Show-me Bugs" by Michael Reinke.
Mother Nature put the two together for me.

Becky, from Serenity Garden , I tag you!
Thank you Chris.
This was fun.

End of Month

I took my coffee to the porch.
I wanted to spend some time with
the May Pole.

It is a misty, rainy morning.

The birds are wet and hungry.

They come in the wind and the rain.

Today I pack up the May decorations.
The sun will be out soon.
The humidity will rise.
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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


After supper we had a brief rain shower.

The juvenile Cardinal did my rain gauge photo.

The moon rose almost full.
We will have our second full moon in May on the 31st.
A full Blue Flower Moon at my house.

Once the sun is set and the Hummingbirds are at rest
the moths come for nectar.

I have my moth field guide out but I still cannot id these two!

Creative Energy

I want to do some creative work this afternoon.
I went outside for the energy of orange.
More orange lilies are blooming so I cut a stem for my desk.
My husband left me some compost to mulch with.
One look at the Eastern Comma and I was ready to work.

Many Red Admirals are out today.
The Baltimore Orioles fill me with delight.
I think I will go back for more of the Oriole orange.
I will need it later today.

Red-Bellied Woodpecker

The family of Red-bellied woodpeckers

come and go all day long.
Each bird knows me.
They talk with me.

They are not afraid anymore.
I like having the birds about.

Hummingbird Lessons

She brings tireless joy.

She is of the daytime.
Today I listen to her wings.
I watch as her wings move in a figure eight.
Today I embrace the daytime.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Sun and Clouds

The Callas are blooming.

The birds planted sunflowers.

60% chance of thunder showers;

it is humid, it is sticky.
It feels like summer.

Cemetery Walk

We walked under the canopy of waving flags.

We laid our flowers and rested at the ponds.

We watched the Water Striders

and listened to the Eastern Kingbirds.

This is the beginning of summer.

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Parade of flags

The streets in the cemetery are lined with flags.

Each flag represents a Veteran that is buried in this cemetery.
There are thousands of flags.
Each year flags are retired as more soldiers are laid to rest.

It is known as the parade of flags.

It is Memorial Day.

We decorate graves.

We remember.

Sunday, May 27, 2007


The rain stopped long enough for the Monarchs to come out.

I grow Milkweed. It is the host plant for the Monarchs.
I was reading about the Monarchs and the Milkweed.

They speak of transformation; they speak of doing things in your own unique way.
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The birds come rain or shine.

Our Nuthatch population has grown to five birds.
I am very smitten.
Our Hummingbird population has also grown.
Two females and two males are now coming to the feeders.

Overnight we had thundershowers.
Today it has been a light misty rain.
So pleasant for walking.
I love rainy days.

Friday, May 25, 2007


The potatoes are blooming.
We planted many different varieties.
The blue potatoes have a blue bloom.
The Chipping Sparrow is my favorite sparrow.
When he was on the posing ball I just had to take a few photos.
He is tiny, only 5 inches from head to tail.

The Baltimore and the Orchard Orioles come and go all day.
They do like their jellies.