Monday, April 30, 2007

April to May

The Lupine are starting to bloom.
Only one stalk survived. Maybe more will follow.
The Pine trees are candling, new growth.

The Snowball bush is blooming.
Again only a few flowers.

I am writing in the April journal; recapping the weather events and the birds and butterflies that came looking for food. Making notes for next year.

I am decorated for May. My new favorite month.
The pinks of April are tucked away and the blues for May are out.
Butterflies and Blue Birds are part of May's decor.
The linens are ironed and the window fans are humming.

It is May Day Eve.
Time for May Wine.
Time for May Baskets.

Tonight, the crystal bowl goes outside, to collect May Day dew.
We will raise the May Pole.
We will bring in the May.

Breakfast with an Owl

A shadow of wings
the cawing of crows
a Great Horned Owl flew in.
High in the top of my neighbor's tree

he perched while the crows complained.
I was awed!
I have seen the Owls at twilight.
Never have I had breakfast with an Owl.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Spring into Summer

I am packing the April decorations up.
Bunnies and pink towels are going back into storage.

It is very warm today, 82F (28C), at ten o'clock in the morning.
Forecast is for 89F (32C) tomorrow.
Where is Spring?
April began with much promise.
Spring was racing in only to be nipped before she could bloom.
Now she ends flirting with Summer.

It takes energy

The Robins are feeding young.
Both parents are gathering worms.
The recent rains make their job easier.

The male Eastern Tail-blue Butterfly
sips a dew drop from the tip of a blade of grass.
He will find nourishment from the Hen bit as well.

The Bumble Bees are feeding in the Azaleas.
More bees have come now that more flowers are in bloom.

The Yellow-rumped Warblers are still in the area.
They migrate for nesting.
He is in his summer colors.
Perhaps he finished his molt before heading north.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

A few herbs

The Roman Camomile is just beginning to bloom.
It is scattered through-out the vegetable garden.
I will cut some for kitchen bouquets, it's apple-like fragrance will fill the house.
I will dry some too. It is a soothing winter tea.

The Bee Balm is thriving. Soon it will bloom and be nectar for the bees.
I will add a fresh leaf to our black tea for the taste of Earl Grey.

The Sweet Woodruff was nipped the first of April. It is coming back just fine.
It is the ground cover for the back Dogwood bed.
I use it for my May wine.
The Sage was also badly nipped.
It too is coming back.
I may not cut any until July.

The wild ginger came yesterday.
I will plant it in the shade under the front Dogwood.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Clear skies

The showers passed.
The moon is waxing.
The Brown Thrasher began singing.

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Chasing Rainbows

Thundershowers came in.

Rainbows followed.
Sidewalk puddles reflected,

and raindrops shimmered.
April showers bring May flowers.

Arbor Day

My friend came this morning. She wanted to spend time with the birds.
We feasted on muffins and coffee and Orioles.
We talked about climate change and birds.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Out of sync

I wanted a photo of the rain gauge.

Something for the almanac.

This week we had 1.29 inches of rain.
Should help the plants rebound.

I am out of sync,
Out of rhythm.

Stop, play, pause, rewind.
Hot, cold, wet, dry.
take me on your mystical flight.
A Whirling Dervish.
a dawn's delight.

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I Believe

Help my disbelief.

The Red Bud tree is leafing out again..

I see green on the front Dogwood.

It is cold and cloudy this morning.

The birds are bright and full of song.
I will keep watch.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Common Grackle

The Common Grackle is in the Icteridae Family, along with the Blackbirds and the Orioles. This Grackle is fanning his tail feathers and ruffling up his plumage while giving forth his "song" in hopes of attracting a mate.


I heard the thunder and stepped outside.
I wanted to see if I could get a photo of lightning.
Instead I saw a male Tiger Swallowtail butterfly.

He flew to the top of the back Dogwood.
I went out in the rain to take photos.

Lily Of The Valley

White coral bells
upon a slender stalk.

Lillies Of The Valley deck my garden walk.

Oh don't you wish you could hear them ring?
That will only happen when the fairies sing.

Baby Squirrel

A tiny baby squirrel

was sitting on the porch.
I put some almonds out for him.

Breakfast with an Oriole

I do not know how long he will stay in my area before moving on for breeding.
I want to spend as much time with him as I can.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tornado Watch

As the thundershowers moved in the birds took flight.
We are under a tornado watch until 11pm.

Springtime in the mid-west.
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A Few Blooms

A few of the Azaleas are blooming.

I was hoping for rain but it went around us again.
Maybe tonight.
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