Thursday, November 30, 2006

It Is Beautiful

Delightful to behold, but if you go out there you will be cold! Farewell November!

First Snow of the Season

A gathering of Cardinals began as the snow was falling. At one time I counted five females and six males on the deck or the feeding station.
I am processing the photos.
The females are elegant.
Forecast for my area is 6-10 inches of snow tonight.

Lunch is served

Joy! A small flock of American Goldfinches came by.

I am so pleased!

The Four Agreements

Be impeccable with your word. Don't take anything personally.
Don't make assumptions.
Always do your best.
A simple code of conduct. The Four Agreements

Breakfast is served

Many Dark Eyed Juncos are in the back yard now. They will winter here. The pair of Carolina Wrens will also winter in the back yard.
This morning I was able to see both pairs of Cardinals at once. The females took turns at the feeder. The males took turns at the table.

I counted three male Downy Woodpeckers and two females.
I have errands to run before the big snow storm forecasted for this afternoon and evening arrives. November came in like Spring and is going out like Winter.

Through the Bedroom Window

At first light I opened the shades. The ice had not caused any damage.
The back pond was frozen.
My friends were up already.
Time for fresh water and fresh seed.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Taking Cover

Mrs. Cardinal and Carolina Wren sought seed and cover. Both feed with tails down. Mr.Cardinal also shared the covered feeder. I think I will pick up a couple more domes for the other feeders.
The dusk came so quickly. I turmed the back soffit lights on for the late feeders. The female House Finch perched in the sleet for awhile before getting her supper.

By the fire

All of our December music is up.
We are listening to a few new cds tonight. Lorreena McKennitt is my new favorite artist. This one is beautiful.
I am sitting by the fire and writing in the November journal. It has been a most excellent month. I will be planting more flowers next year for November's butterflies. The scrapbook is finished. I need to back up Novembers photos.


The temperatures have been dropping all day. The rain continues. Ice is forming on branches
and berries.
Most of the leaves are off the trees. Hopefully we will not have breaking branches.
The deck is slick. Blessing to all who are out and about today.

I finished unpacking. The family tree we will do next weekend.
I will begin the tweaking.
I will add the magic.


Jay sounded the alarm. The sparrows fled from the seed table.
He looked at me and I at him.
There was no hawk! He wanted the seed table to himself.

Tricky Jay!

It's raining...It's pouring....

Little Chick-a-dee doesn't seem to mind

a cold November shower.

I am perched up at my desk. I don't mind the rain.
All the plants can use a good drink before cold temperatures.

The Last Days Of November

I am working today on decorating the family room downstairs. When I brought up a stack of the Christmas photo albums I saw my Dove friend on the rail.
I laid my albums down and said, "Hello." I have been so involved with my decorating I have not spent very much time with my Avian friends.
Ten minutes of Dove time and I was relaxed and full of joyful energy. She went on down to the ground for some seed. I went down for the rest of the photo albums. The Doves are another bird I study and celebrate in December. I shall get some more frames for December Birds.

The cold front came in over night. I am pleased to have inside activity.
Think I will fix a pot of black bean chili for supper.

Last night, while it was still warm, my husband was cleaning the ponds. I heard him call out, "Geese, geese, geese."
I dropped what I was doing and ran out to the front yard. Yes, Snow Geese, high in the sky. Snow Geese migrating. I could see their v, I could hear their call.
The moon was at second quarter and the clouds were just starting to come in. I saw the snow geese in the moon light.
I know for sure Winter is on the way.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

And the Ivy

After supper I went out to cut some Ivy. I do not need very much. I like to root a few stems in case someone asks for a cutting. I also like to have a small amount for arrangements.
The yellow roses I bought last week for Thanksgiving are in full bloom. I re-cut all the stems and made 16 arrangements using Holly and Ivy. Next week I will get pink roses, my December flower.
My husband brought in a few pine boughs for the cranberry glass vases. These were his Grandmother's. I keep them on top of her china cabinet. The small pine stems I put into mini vases. These I will tuck into tiny spots. I can add tiny flowers later.
The pine branches that I trimmed and a few pine cones went into a glass basket, natural potpourri. When we bring in the pine the house smells like Christmas.

The Holly

It was seventy degrees out this afternoon. The wind came up and dried the holly from last nights rain. I was ready to trim the Blue Maid Holly for Christmas arrangements. I make "Kissing Balls" for my ceiling fixtures.
Two pink confections, one for the living room and one for the dining room.
The kitchen has a bit of yellow in the decorations so I went with a variegated ribbon. The entry is in silver.
I used sixteen holly stems for each one. Tonight my husband will cut the pine for my big vases. The Holly and the Pine will stay fresh in water until January.