Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We're Okay

Tornadoes have ripped through our area these past few days.

Today five tornadoes dropped out of the clouds for a brief
reminder of how awesome nature can be.
Our city was spared this time.
Other areas were hit.
 Tornadoes have destroyed many homes these last few days.
Many people have been killed.

In the mist of so much sadness and loss there has been an amazing outreach of kindness.

People helping each other.
People offering comfort.
People living from their hearts.

The storms pass.
The butterflies

and bees return to the gardens.

The birds are busy feeding young.

A pair of Sparrow eggs,

a poppy blossom,

a Great Crested Flycatcher grace my backyard.

The female Hummingbird comes to her feeder.

The Baltimore Orioles come for jelly in the rain.

We are almost ready to leave on our road trip.
We just need the rains to stop so we can mow the yard.

We are okay.
We are sad.

Mother Nature can be very fierce.
Mother Nature can be so very beautiful.
Stay safe.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Safari

The poppies are opening
as are the peonies
and iris.
The butterfly bush has blooms.
The chamomile is ready to harvest.
Baby bunny tried to get into the spinach but we have it protected this year. The bunnies can eat clover.
The spinach is for the humans.

A cold front has come in.
Too cold for bugs.

I sat out with the birds wrapped up in my blanket.

I wore my jacket, hat and gloves.
The wind is a fresh breeze out of the north with temperatures in the upper 40's, brrr....

The Cat birds are nesting.

This past week we had over an inch of rain

but the winds have dried up the bird baths.
I refilled them twice.
We have had 40 different species of birds in the gardens
 since May 1st.
Lots of males and females. Lots of babies.
I am studying and
making plans for our road trip.

I finished preparing for the workshop we are attending this week
on native pollinators.
Today is our son-in-love's birthday.
We sent a small gift.
We will celebrate his birthday with our daughter's
when we visit next month.

We have birthday wishes.

I have been doing some research on places to go
while in Portland, Oregon.
I am excited.

I am packing my book bag.
I want to see the birds, bugs and blooms of the
Pacific Northwest.

When we leave Portland we will head south.

We will visit our son and daughter- in- love.
They know all sorts of wonderful fossil places.

It is a long
Fossil Freeway we travel.
I hope to be home for summer solstice
unless we get involved in a dig!

Wish me luck!
Happy Sunday Safari.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Sunday Safari

An Indigo Bunting came to the backyard this morning.

A Cecropia Moth was on the trunk of our neighbor's tree.

The Rose-breasted Grosbeaks come often to the feeders.

We planted five fig trees.
Fruit is already setting.

I spent telephone time with my children.
I opened cards and gifts.
I miss them.

We talked about fossils and rocks.
We talked about coming for a visit.
We talked.
Soon we will share hugs and fossils.

Happy Mother's Day.
Happy 5 years of Q's Corner.
Happy Sunday Safari.

It is a busy day.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Sunday Safari

The ribbons on the May Pole are still.
The morning winds have calmed. The rain and sleet have passed.
It is a cold, wet May Day.

The Oak Leaf lettuce is ready for picking.
The chamomile opened this morning opening.
I will have a Chamomile festival to celebrate.
I harvest the Chamomile for winter teas and hair rinses.
The Wild Columbine is blooming.
The Hummingbirds will be pleased.

The Azaleas are in full bloom .

The cool weather plants are thriving.

I watch the sugar snap peas grow. They have shot up
these last couple of days.

Soapwort is a gorgeous pink.

I potted up Fuchsia for May baskets.

I fell in love with the Fuchsia a few years ago.
This May I am learning how to propagate.

The Bridal Wreath Spirea has begun to bloom.
I propagated two bushes from an old bush 20 years ago.

My pansies and violas are in the best of spirits.
It is May!
I have projects planned for this month.
I have field trips and work shops planned.

Happy Sunday Safari.
Happy May Day!