Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sunday Safari

It is Christmas Day.

It is a sunny, warm Christmas Day.

We had cafe au chocolat with our blueberry waffles.

Our son sent a new ornament for the family tree.

I sat in the sun with the birds this afternoon.

I visited with loved ones.

A very relaxed day.

The Blue Maid Holly is blooming in the vases.

It is very pretty.

We have added another year
of Christmas stories.
Happy Christmas.
Happy Sunday Safari.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Falling in Love

I have a gift for you!
I have a new blog.
It is
Let us fall in love with life together.
Happy Winter Solstice

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Safari

I met an old girlfriend this morning for breakfast.
We visted for a couple of hours.

It was good to see her.
It was good to catch up.

A Sharp Skinned Hawk came on to the deck.

It was much smaller than a Cooper's Hawk.
He scared the birds away for a very long time.

The forecast is calling for snow this week.
I hope so.
I will make a wish.

I am waiting for snow.

Capricorn comes in on the 21st.
Winter Solstice begins on the 22nd at 1:30 am cst.
I have a savory pie planned for supper.
It is a busy week as many people prepare for Christmas.
I send blessings and safe travel.
I have fallen in love with the good Pterosaurs.

My little Terrence is charming.
I will be hunting for fossils.
Happy Sunday Safari.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Safari

The wind was a gentle breeze out of the southwest.
Temperatures rose in the afternoon to 50 degrees.

It was a lovely sunny December day to sit with the birds.
Seeing Flicker is always a delight.

We left the marigolds.
I did not know squirrels would eat the seeds.

I read while I sat with the birds.
I am catching up on my German fairy tales.

They can be very confusing.
As long as I have cocoa I do not mind.

I do enjoy good chocolate!
I need to maintain my good health.

I found my spirit animals many years ago.

I actually think they found me.

I was so surprised when I read this story.
I also have an Unicorn named Capricorn.
 She is one of my Spirit animals.
This is a charming little tale.
A good book, a cup of cocoa, a cookie or two
and I am in bliss.
 Capricorn often sits on my shoulder while I am writing.

Others poke their horns out here and there around my
December house.

Always I have Swans and Butterflies about.

Always they are nearby.
My favorite part of The Twelve Days of Christmas
is seven Swans a swimming.
 I like five golden rings too and two Turtle Doves.

Always Swans in my house and in my dreams.
Dragons and Dragonflies are Spirit Animals for me too
as are bees.

The Northern Cardinals
are more than a spirit animal for me.

The Cardinals are my companions.

I talk with them.
I share my concerns and joys.
I listen to them.
I learn from them.

Happy Sunday Safari.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Sunday Safari

It was a cold sun today.

I spent just half an hour with the birds.

We are in December now.

Any day we could have our first snow.

I have a new seed holder.
I hope the birds like it.

We have many traditions in December.
Many ways of celebrating the Holiday Season.
I like to add a little something new each year.

Last year we studied Snowflakes.

I am thinking about all the different things we could study this month.

I like the idea of knowing more about

and Holly Fairies.

We could study hot chocolate!

Writing Haiku is always fun.

 I am drawn to the night sky in December.

I look for the Pleiades.

The Seven Sisters are my favorite.

It is in December I begin watching 
the Winter skies.

When I star gaze I dream.

I shall add stars to our December decorating
and chocolate pots.
I shall do lots of dreaming
this month.

There is magic in the stars.
There is joy in the Holly.

Happy December.
Happy Sunday Safari.