Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Safari

I have fallen in love with Beetles.

Like my butterfly friends beetles also develop through complete

This Bee-like Flower Scarab was feeding in the
Purple Cone Flowers.

With over 24,000 species known in North America
in over 113 families it may take me a few years
just to see the ones in my backyard.

The Pipevine Swallowtail has laid more eggs.

The caterpillars are growing and changing at each instar.

I checked the eggs I have been tracking
and saw the caterpillars had emerged.

The young ones were on the move.

I am very pleased to see the little ones.

I watched a tiny spider.

She seemed to know there were butterfly eggs
near by.

I watched to see if the Pipevine Swallowtail eggs
were poisonous like the caterpillars and the adult butterflies.

I was a silent witness.

I watched as she smelled the eggs.
She moved on.

Lots of babies have emerged in the heat.

We are going on an adventure.
We are going to visit lavender farms in Kansas.

I am reading and learning.

I have fallen in love with flowerpots.
The wind is hot out of the southwest.
It is summertime in the Tallgrass Prairie.
Happy Sunday Safari.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Safari

I watched the female Pipevine Swallowtail

lay eggs in the Dutchman's Pipevine.

I will be watching the eggs.
I will be looking for caterpillars.

I finished my lavender harvest.
It is very early for me.
Normally I harvest in the middle of June.
All the bugs and blooms have been early this year.
My husband and I decided to check on the
 Ebony Jewelwings and see if they were flying early.
We went to the Arboretum, to the habitat we have seen
Jewelwings in past years.

We were greeted by Zebra Swallowtails

in Butterfly Milkweed.

Gorgeous butterflies!

Great Spangled Fritillaries joined the Zebras.

I was anxious to get to the wooded area where
 the Jewelwings fly.

 In the woods we found them.

They were just waking up.

Still to early for mating and laying eggs.
We will come back in a couple of weeks.
For now my heart is full.

The Ebony Jewelwings are awake.
Happy New Green Moon.
Happy Sunday Safari.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Safari

The butterflies continue to impress.

It is early in the season.
I have lots of time to be with the bees.

I have lots of time to learn new to me bugs.

Editor's Note:
This Plume Moth (Pterophoridae) is one of 140 different species in
this distinctive family. The airplane like perching posture helps identify this moth.

My children honored me today.

They remembered Mother's Day.

We shared phone calls and gifts.
I have learned much from my children.
They live in loving kindness.
Happy Mother's Day.
Happy Sunny Sunday Safari.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Six Years

I am celebrating six years.

It has been an adventure.

 I have enjoyed sharing my loves with you.

Even when I have been upside down
 you have understood.

Thank you for loving the birds and the bugs.

Thank you for your friendship.

I hope to bring a bit more science to Corner this coming year.
I hope to share even more wonder.
Thank you for being here.
Sherry, who dances with butterflies

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Sunday Safari

Spring's cooler air hit headlong into
 Summer's heat and humidity.

Morning rain showers left us with half an inch.

I went to the gardens when the rain stopped.

I sat with the chamomile.
With an 80% chance of evening severe weather
I was concerned the chamomile
 would be beaten down by morning.

The lawn is full of clover.
I am always careful where I step.

I am very fond of clover.

It is a wonderful food source.

Eastern Tailed Blues and

Gray Hairstreaks

are only a few of the small butterflies
 that nectar in clover.

A female Horace's Duskywing surprised me.
She is new to my backyard.

The Asiatic Lilies are blooming.
Every bit a month ahead.

The lavender is ready to harvest.

Our unsettled air has spawned severe weather.
We are in tornado season.

My husband and I joined the Astronomical Society
of Kansas City.
We enjoy being with other star gazers.

It is the first Sunday of the month.
It is Dragon Sunday.
 Rain Dragons can be dangerous.

We have had enough rain for awhile.
I think I will ask the Dragons to visit my friends in Colorado.

We are watching for tornadoes.
Happy Sunday Safari.