Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Today is my birthday. Presents from Oregon were here waiting for me!
I am resting, enjoying quiet time. Talking with family and friends.

End of year review

I am reviewing the past twelve months; learning.

My life has changed.

I can find the beauty in the moment.
The camera has given me a way to express.

Corner has given me a way to share.

Thank you for sharing this now with me.

Saturday, December 30, 2006


We stopped at the Wildlife Refuge that is 75 miles north of our house to see the Eagles.

Home Again

A Wyoming Sparrow stopped in the snow to say, "Hello". It is a big country we live in. We drove 4117 miles.

The long, winding, icy road was a concern at times.
We found a friendly fellow to lead us through the blizzard in Nebraska.
We were traveling like 53 million other Holiday Ramblers. Our daughter packed a cooler and a snack box for our homeward bound journey. We had weather events. Our daughter once again was at the nerve center.

Thank you Hausefrau for keeping Corner.
You do have soft moss!

Friday, December 29, 2006


The birds have not yet found the new feeder at my house.

Q and I picked it out while she was in town. It was a controversial purchase. Housemate (my life partner) prefers not to encourage birds to come near. He claims to have been twice attacked by birds. Claims.

It's been wet and cold. The only birds in evidence this week have been the crows, and even they are keeping to the clouds.

About the only living thing having a heyday out there is the moss. It's everywhere, and I'm afraid to touch it, because it seems related to mold, which is hateful.

Hm, the moss does look nice and soft and good for petting, though. Maybe I'll go touch it a little bit and then run away shrieking.

I'm waiting for birds to find the feeder and for Q and Qpid to call in with their report.

Your pal,

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Two birds on wing!

Q and Qpid set off this morning for their long journey home.

Many mountains and rivers lay in their path. I will be girling the blog until their safe arrival home.

They called in to let me know they have bedded down for the night.

I and Housemate will keep the cribbage board warm for them.

Your pal,

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

At The Beach

We drove to the Coast. Gale warnings were issued with a chance of rain.

We watched the gulls.
It was cold in the wind.
The sand waves were beautiful. Our son-not-in-law took photos while I braced myself against the wind.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Boxing Day

For our Boxing Day celebration we went to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.
We tourned the USS Blueback submarine.
We saw "Happy Feet" at the Omnimax. Fun way to spend a rainy day in Portland.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas cruising

We cruised the Willamette River. The Portland Spirit served a buffet brunch.
We watched Gulls and
Double Crested Cormorants.

Merry Christmas

They wrote songs for us.
Two creative voices sang of Seagull, Cardinal, Crane and Crow.
Near the Christmas Primrose we shared our Christmas morning.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve Portland Style

The Sea Gulls were flying in the morning rain. Garden mums were blooming.
We went out and about for daytime Christmas Eve activity.

One full city block and five floors of books entertained us for at least two hours.

We made our Christmas Eve book picks. We will be entertained for hours.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Hot Soup!

Hot corn chowder was waiting for us. Freshly ironed pillow slips and new reading material was waiting for weary heads.
Music, candles, hugs and laughter set the mood for Holiday fun!

We Arrived!

Over many rivers and through many mountains to our daughter's house we drove; spotaneous road trip without provisions.
She was our nerve center as we came across the country. We dodged ice, snow, sleet and fog because she routed us around the storms.
Through the rabbit hole we fell to her garden gate.

Thirty-two hours and thirty-two minutes, 2030 miles, 2.75 gallons of coffee and nine states, to share the Yuletide.

Thank you Housefrau for keeping Corner.

Mr. Peanuts

Hello everyone! Q and Qpid are just a few hours from my house! There is a pot of soup waiting!

Today's Oregon bird report is on the Western Scrub Jay. In Missouri and Colorado, I was accustomed to seeing regular old Blue Jays, with the pointy head feathers. So when I moved here a couple months ago, I was surprised to see these fellows:

The bird book says that this is the Western Scrub Jay, and they are prolific around my house. Someone must be putting peanuts out for them, because as I sit at my computer and look out the back window, they like to perch on the fence with peanuts in their mouths to show off. This morning I saw two of them arguing over a peanut.

The bird book says that these birds save their food for later by burying it in the ground. So if a bunch of peanut vines (I am just guessing they grown on vines--I have never heard of a peanut tree) sprout this spring, I'll know why.

Boy, those birds sure do love peanuts.

Your pal,

Junco, another Junco, and an update on Q!

Hello out there, Q's readers!

Last things first: my mom and dad are nestled safely in eastern Washington and are resting up for tomorrow's final leg of their drive though the Columbia River Gorge:

Again, not my photo. Whenever I've driven through the gorge, I've been too petrified to take pictures. Q's been calling in when she can, and I've been feeding her weather reports from the internet (Montana is not so big on wifi and cell phone coverage, it seems). She should be here tomorrow afternoon and will be able to post hello to everyone!

On to Oregon news: I saw a little collection of Juncos! I am pretty sure they were the dark-eyed variety. Here is what they looked like:

Aaack! That is not a Dark-eyed Junco! But that is the first result if you do a Google image search for "junco." Hm, I guess he is kinda dark-eyed. And dark-haired. And dark-mustached. Shudder.

Okay, okay, on with the birds. I saw five of these friendly fellows:

Small! And Grey-headed! And they totally went "peep"!

So that's the bird situation here in Oregon. I know that Q's birds back home have plenty of seed and water for the holiday.

Your pal,