Sunday, July 20, 2008

Safari Sunday


I spent some time with a Katydid this morning.

This is one of the summer night singers
I have been listening to.

This one is a female.
I could see her ovipositor.

She seemed to enjoy the day lily.

It is hot and humid.

Perfect bug weather.


Cheryl said...

Dear what a lovely post.
Such a beautiful insect.....and the colour against the day lily....I love it.....I am going back to study the photographs...

Anonymous said...

great the pictures.
Here is a fitting quote:
I do believe that an intimacy with the world of crickets
and their kind can be salutary
- not for what they are likely to teach us about ourselves
but because they remind us,
of we will let them,
that there are other voices,
other rhythms,
other strivings and fulfillments than our own.
- Howard E. Evans

ChrisND said...

Doing my Sunday rounds on Monday...that katydid is an interesting looking insect...also it has a funny sounding name... :-)

Wendy said...

I haven't seen a katydid since I was a kid! Or maybe since my kids were kids. Seems it's a summer insect that you see when lying on the green grass gazing up at clouds or just hanging out. Oh, and the lily was so beautiful. Great pics. Wish we had some hot weather. Ours is cool and rainy. Not a typical July.

Wendy said...

That reminds me - my older brothers used to tease me (and my girlfriends) about praying mantises. They told us they were fierce and if they were to bite us, we'd die. Horrible brothers! We believed them and were scared because they do look fierce, a little like tiny dinosaurs.
But the katydids were nice and gentle. Tks for bringing back childhood memories.

Anonymous said...

What great shots. The bright green against the bright orange of the flower contrast eachother beautifully in the sunlight.

Catherine said...

Beautiful Daylilies~gorgeous colors, and lovely captures of it and the Katydid! It has been perfect bug weather here also! :)
Wonderful post Q!

Mary said...

Hi Sherry,

I'm stil alive! I love your Katydids. Your photos keep getting better, you know. I'm drinking room temp water now. Trying to feel better and have been blog anting.

We need insects! And we are having rain now on our parched land. That's a good thing.


Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
Thank you! I thought Miss Katydid was very pretty resting on the Daylily.
I took lots of photos of her! LOL...

Q said...

Dear Gisela,
Thank you.
Your quote is very fitting.
I am intimate with the bug world. I love them. Little Bee kisses me almost every time I sit down outside. Listening to the evening bug chorus is as charming as the bird's morning songs. I have been waiting for a locust to show itself so I can take some photos. The crickets too join in as do the tree frogs and the bull frogs. Summer nights are magical!

Q said...

Dear Chris,
I was going to come see your Safari but my internet went down for a couple of days...
Glad you found the Daddy Longlegs!
I think they are wonderful bugs.
Happy bug hunting,

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
This morning it is cloudy and I am so happy! I love cloudy days.
The bugs like hot humid days. I can tell I am more human than bug! I am a kid at heart. I like watching the clouds roll by and a good bug hunt is very fun. Katydids are fun to watch too. Since I took to the camera I find I can spend lots of time bug watching and taking pictures.
Thank you for coming on Sunday Safari. It is always delightful seeing what gorgeous subject Mother Nature will provide for our hunt.
The Katydids sing, "Katydid..Katydidn't"...LOL

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
Oh, I do love the Mantids. Your brothers were "horrible" teasing you like that...LOL...
My bug book has seven different species shown. In North America there are about 20. I so hope come August or September I have a Mantis for Safari Sunday!
Wonderful childhood memory.
I am uncomfortable with mice in the house. My sibs still tease me.

Q said...

Dear Scienceguy 288,
I really love the green and orange too. Makes me think of October and the cooler temperatures.

Q said...

Dear Cat,
Thank you! I love it when a bug likes the Daylilies. Normally they are in bloom without a bug. I always think they look lonely.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
No rain is very scary. You already did draught...Glad you are having a shower. Hope your bugs return soon. I would miss them very much if ours went away. I walk withthe fireflies most evenings and listen to the bug's songs.
I am working with my other camera and shorter lens so I am being a bit more "artsy" I think with my photos! Glad you are enjoying them. I work with what I have...LOL
Room temp water is so tasty, I also like the hot water for sipping during the day instead of coffee or tea. I am feeling 100% better. All I am taking now are my Blue Green Algae supplements. It is called a super food and really is wonderful for energy.
Hope Bella is feeling better.
Let's chat soon!

Mel said...


Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Sherry,
I am looking around in your archives, and had to comment here. I have some similar pics of a katydid on some day lilies from last summer, too. I was never sure if it was going to cause damage to the plants, as it seemed to eat more and more of each flower it was on. I figured since each flower only lasted a day, it was OK.

When I asked about it on the Cottage Garden Forum on ivillage, I got an assortment of answers, so just decided to leave it alone. At one point, there were 2, and I just stayed brave and left them alone, like I learned to do with the caterpillars who actually looked like they were damaging the plants.

We are supposed to get into the 60s by Thursday. It is 13 right now.