Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Krafty Kitten

I bought a sweater vest at the secondhand store.
It looked like a teapot cozy to me.
It has been many years since I have sewed.
Many years since I have designed anything.
Many years since I saw potentiality in a secondhand sweater.
I found a teapot yesterday while out running errands.

It was too wet today to dig in the dirt or take pictures of the birds.
Too cold for walking in the woods or playing with bugs.
It was a perfect morning to make a teapot cozy.
No pattern or instructions.
No pictures!
Only a cozy in my mind.

I snipped the sweater.
I sewed and pinned and lo and behold a teapot cozy was born.
I also made a hot pad for my teapot.

I was putting away my pins and thread and picked up the scrap,
the back of the vest,
I saw a hat.
I snipped and pinned and sewed.
Lo and behold a hat was born!
I needed one!

This was a fun way to spend a cold rainy day.
I am excited to be back creating.
Excited to see hats and cozies.
Excited to be living the artful way again.
As I create I will share with you.
We will have a fun winter even if the bugs are sleeping.


Anonymous said...

Sherry, I love your teapot cozy and hat you designed from the secondhand sweater! Wish I could
have tea with you. I have been so sick all week with a nasty virus and am slowly getting better. It took all the starch out of my sails! It was rainy here, too, all day so could not see the Hunter's moon but will look tonight. so delightful to hear your enthusiasm and creativity returning. . .Love~carol

Q said...

Dear Carol,
I am so sorry you have been ill. I too wish we could have tea together. Hope you are on the mend now.
I am so very, very pleased to be creating again. It has been five years since I opened the sewing machine's cabinet.
Seeing the hat in the scrap let me know I can trust that I am "back".
Looking forward to sharing the fun with you.
Be well my friend.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Sherry, I LOVE your tea cozy. What a creative way to recycle a sweater. Wish I could come have tea with you.

marmee said...

i am so glad you weren't going to wear that sweater but i love the tea cozy , hat and the idea of spending the cold day being creative. great for you!

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
Thank you!!
I posted a wee bit about the process on Artful Living.
It seems like it has been so long since I engaged my creative aspect. I have been lucky to have the birds and bugs about to do photographs. Sometimes I do some creative work with them but it is different.
Wish we could have tea together too. I am feeling good. I think I might really be well. At least when I "saw" the hat in the scrape of sweater I felt healed.

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
No, the sweater vest is not my style.
I think these motif sweaters were popular in the 1980-90's?
I bought some other ones for winter cozies...
I am seeing a monthly cozy here....lots of hats too. They are fun to make.
Maybe a few purses and book covers. I am wondering if a pair of sleeves could be made into leg warmers? Perhaps I will start making jackets or old coats into walking vests...I think I will go to the thrift store and see if I can find an orange coat...
Sherry, who is Krafty Kitten.

Cheryl said...

How clever you are......I am so envious of people that have the talent to create........I love to see and admire.......tku so much for showing us.........

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
Years ago I made all sorts of things. Getting back to being creative is a joy.
I am writing again too!
I feel good.
Thank you for your kind thoughts.
I think I have bounced back because of them!

Q said...

Dear Meggie,
Thank you. I really like the cozy!
I wore my hat again this morning since it was sooooo cold out.
I have lots of ideas so I hope to be creating all winter.

Wendy said...

What talent you have! Thanks for sharing. Creating is so much fun. I don't have much success sewing, but I'm glad to see you do!
Love & Light

Rose said...

Sherry, you are so creative! To "see" that teacozy and the hat in the sweater takes a special eye. I'm looking forward to seeing all the things you make this winter while the "bugs are sleeping":)

The little squirrel on your last post is so cute; my squirrels should be well-fed this winter if they get busy--I have so many acorns this year!

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
There was a time in my life I would have taken my sewing machine over a car if I had to choose. I used to make everything I wanted...
It feels so good to sew again. This little project was very fun and easy. I hope to make other things. I have ideas again.
Love and light,

Q said...

Dear Rose,
It is like taking pictures, I seem to see the photo. Years ago I could look at something and I could see all sorts of uses. When I saw the hat I was pretty sure I was "back" creating.
Chippy the Chipmunk has his own feeding station. I put seeds and peanuts and rasins in the little house for him. My husband thinks he has enough food to last many years. I think he is selling it "underground."
I have not seen as many acorns here as in the past. It was a wet spring and summer too. The deer like the acorns. So do the Blue Jays and the Flickers.
We will have a fun winter...

Mary said...

You are so artistic and creative!

What a wonderful way to spend time indoors. You are going to have a great time this fall and winter, Sherry :o)

Q said...

Dear MAry,
I really enjoy the process of creating. Having the ideas again is nice. While antiqueing yesterday I share my story of the teapot cozy. The shop keeper wants me to make them for her shop. She said people are always coming in wanting cozies.
Recyling sweaters as cozies does sound like a fun job. I think there is a market here!