Thursday, October 02, 2008

October reading

Amy Goldman knows her squash.
After reading this book I felt as if I too knew my squash.
At least I was less afraid to grow squash.

" Pumpkinology 101" tells how to grow the
mammoth pumpkins.
I shall never be a Pumpkin King,
but I can dream.

Squash bugs get my pumpkins every year.

No secrets told on how to get rid of them!

It is the beginning of soup season.

It is time to tremble.

Lots of books.
What's on your nightstand?


Marimoy said...

oooh such great books! I am so studious this month, nothing is interesting. It is all science of the not so fun type. I read science for fun a bit, but this... well, isn't. I am a big fan of The Masque of Red Death by E.A. Poe... always good for a chill....

Wendy said...

Growing pumpkins! Yikes! I can hardly lift one. Squash - well that sounds good. I love squash soup. So easy to make and so delicious.
Simmer simmer little squash
Onions, garlic, good and hot
Simmer simmer little pumpkin
Cloves and broth in my pot

Oh dear - you can tell I'm tired tonight.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I've been too busy lately to read much. Edgar would be happy with you.

Saucy said...

My nightstand is still buckling under Pillars of the Earth... why am I struggling with it so? I enjoy it but find I am not drawn to it!

Q said...

Dear Mimi,
I too love to read science for fun.
I read Nature Journal and just skip the letters I am not crazy for. You are in the middle of your skipping!
I too shiver with Poe.

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
Growing pumpkins is fun but takes lots of garden space. I enjoy squash!
Thanks for the fun rhyme.
I am thinking "simmer, simmer" now each time I look at my squashes....
You are very fun to be with.

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
I have books tucked every place!
I grab a page when I am waiting on this or that. I also write....
My journal and a book move to my to go bag when I leave, just in case I have a few minutes to write or read while running errands. One of the cameras also travels with...I never know when I will see a picture.
Poe is good.
Much fun,

Q said...

Dear Saucy,
It might be too heavy of a read!
Add a poem to your morning coffee.

ChrisND said...

Well, you've given an inspiring start to the October list...I will have to harvest my 2 squashes and ponder how to prepare them. Next year will be a better squash year for me.

We've got books everywhere here, I always need a shot of fiction before bed but I am revisiting "Sleeping With a Sunflower" and researching "Gardening with Prairie Plants".

Q said...

Dear Chris,
I am going to need to go book shopping again soon!
I re-read Sleeping with a Sunflower
all the time. I like the way you can read month by month.
Currently I am reading a book about migration for my bedtime story. I also began reading Nature Journal. It is a huge commitment. I am thinking of subscribing in 2009. It comes once a week so my book purchases may slow down!