Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Painted Lady

The Painted Ladies kept me company
this afternoon
while I painted hat boxes on the deck.

I had fun creating pretty hat boxes
for my orange hats.

I have decided to post about the crafting and art projects I do
on Artful Living. I have decided Tuesdays will be my crafting day.
If you have time come over and see my projects.
I have been bitten by the felting bug!
I hope to start a felting project next week.

I am gathering my raw materials and reading about felting.
Wool felt is an amazing fiber and has a remarkable history.
I think my first project will be a bag.
I have a 100% wool sweater from the secondhand shop
and silk for the lining.
I found a velvet belt for a handle.

The Starlings have returned.
I told them all about felting!


Marimoy said...

I wish I could capture butterflies the way you do... you have such a gift. Can't wait to see the crafts!

Cheryl said...

The butterfly is beautiful.....what good company Sherry........and I absolutely love the starling......

Lisa at Greenbow said...

A starling in their winter plummage is quite pretty. I like to see them picking up snails and dashing them to the ground to get the snail out. This one looks very pretty in the dogwood tree.

Wendy said...

Your butterflies are bright and pretty. Starling looks good eating the red berries. Happy felting!

kkryno said...

Your place looks so inviting! I just love all the little creatures that you capture with the lens.

Have a good rest of the week!

ICQB said...

I love felting! I haven't felted straight from the fibers yet. I've knitted and then felted a few pairs of slippers, a pair of baby booties, and a handbag.

Right now I'm wearing a pair of slippers I felted and sewed sued soles on. I'm glad I have them because it's snowing out!

Good luck with your projects!


Marvin said...

Great pix of a beautiful butterfly. Don't get so involved with felting that you neglect taking photos for us. ;-)

Rose said...

I'm glad the monarchs are still at your house--I really needed a butterfly "fix" this morning, Sherry! I didn't even recognize the starling--he looks so beautiful in the tree!

Maria said...

Ohhhhh. Did you take that starling picture just for ME???? Oh that's the prettiest photo you've done yet but then, I'm very partial to sturnus vulgaris. :-)

Sounds like you've collected a lot of good stuff to get started on your felting adventure. Ditto to what Marvin said, you need to post lots of pictures. :-)

Q said...

Dear Mimi,
The butterflies are fun to take pictures of. Sometimes they look right at me.
I am very excited about creating. I have lots of projects plannned.
We will have a fun winter.

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
I will miss the butterflies. The Starlings have a terrible reputation! I tried to show how pretty they can be!
I love all the critters, some tug at my heart a bit stronger than others....

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
I think the Starlings can be invasive. Since they have been gone from my gardens all summer I do not mind seeing a few return. When they take over the backyard I have to encourage them to move on.
I do not have snails but I bet that would be fun to watch.

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
I am so excited about felting. I have been reading and talking and getting my raw materials together.
I seem to be able to introduce felting into almost every conversation I have. My husband is happy to know the birds are getting most of the felting news! He hears felting speak at supper and before sleep.
So far I have refrained from calling him during the day to give him felting updates.
I think I will have lots and lots of fun felting this winter.

Q said...

Dear Vikki,
I do have fun. Lots of little critters to keep me company during the day.
Now that I am learning all about felting I am have extra fun. I do not know what the bugs and birds think of all my chatter!

Q said...

Dear ICQB,
You are a felter??? How nice to know that! Maybe we can chat about felting?!
I am so excited. I have not done any yet but come Tuesday I shall go vote and go felt! I am starting withthe easy way, putting wool sweaters in the washing machine. I am going to a laundrymat and using their hot water and good agitators. I have a front loading machine and I do not think it would be good for felting. Plus in case I would happen to clog up the washer I would rather it not be mine! I wiill put my sweaters in pillow cases so hopefully I will not break a machine with lose fibers.
I am looking forward to making slippers. They look to be fun.
If I have trouble can I e-mail you??? Please???

Q said...

Dear Marvin,
I have to have my bird and bug time. I need them for peace of mind so I will still take photographs. Thank you for liking them!
Now felting could become an obsession...I already feel somewhat driven and I have not felted one thing!

Q said...

Dear Rose,
I also am pleased some butterflies are still around. A slong as there are dandelions they can find some food. I do put fruit out for them!
Starlings can be pretty!

Q said...

Dear Maria,
I did! LOL! You are the only person I know that has pet Starlings. I am so amazed by that. I thought you might like to seee a wild Starling looking beautiful!
I hope to post losts about felting and all the great items I make with my felt. I wwoulf love to do hats and slippers and bags...I actually have a felting journal I have begun to write in!
I think I will take to it.

Maria said...

Sherry-You are such a goofball.

I know front-loading machines aren't the best thing for felting but if that's what you got, that's what I'd use first. You just might have to run it through a couple cycles instead of just one. But who knows, you might get what you want first time around.

Learning a new thing is always SO MUCH FUN and fun to hear about even if you're not an insect in your backyard. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with, even the disasters, if there are any. :-)

Can you believe all the ladybugs that appeared from nowhere yesterday??? There is a big share the sunshine party on the screen of my front porch today. Ladybugs, stinkbugs, lacewings and one tiny praying mantis. ;-)

Q said...

Dear Maria,
I would love to be able to do the felting at home...I will try my washer. It would be easier. Thanks for the encouragement. It is so fun too talk felting! Thank you.
The bugs are having a hay day at your house. I did see a few Lady Beetles and a Praying Mantis. I think she was looking for a place to lay her eggs.
Happy Hallloween!