Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Safari

Thunderstorms kept us home until mid-day.

We knew of a state park close by that has some prairie restoration.
We went hunting for bugs as soon as the rain stopped.
Queen of the Prairie is just now beginning to bloom.

The prairie is habitat to a huge variety of butterflies and bugs.
It is exciting to see so many different areas working on restoration.

The mantis is mature.

The wasp is new to us

as is the striped beetle.

Tomorrow I will do my research and bug id.
Tonight I am tired.
It is a good tired.
I spent five hours in the prairie.

Sunday Safari is very fun!
Happy bug hunting.


Robin's Nesting Place said...

Wonderful shots!

Cheryl said...

Dear visit the prarie is a wonderful thing to do.....natural and native planting is best. I am sure your research will lead you to new ventures, this is good....

Beautiful photographs of is great to find new bugs and to learn about them.

I love the mantis....I have seen them on other blogs, so fascinating....we do not have them here. Although they are kept as pets....I do not like this......

A lovely safari with wonderful photographs......

Randy Emmitt said...


What a lovely time you must have had. The mantis's wings are not fully developed yet. I have noticed most of the grasshoppers I shoot don't have full wings yet either, those must be the one that fly off. Enjoyed these photos.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Five hours out in the sun...ugh. I would croak. It sure was worth it for these photos. Great shots.

Anonymous said...

There's the praying mantis I need in my garden for bug control. :)

Flat Creek Farm said...

I'm so glad to find your blog again. What wonderful photos you capture! We are also in Missouri. I need to spend more time in the yard and around the farm practicing with my photography. -tw

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

Sherry, you have some lovely 'bug' pictures.What a wonderful day you had.

Rose said...

Your photos are always such a delight, Sherry! We have a few prairie restoration areas around us, too, and I notice the increased butterfly and insect activity there. I have seen only one mantis here this year, and it was just a baby. I'm hoping they come to visit me in the numbers they did last year.

Anonymous said...

Great day of safari. People, including myself, often forget how much is actually out there. Thanks for reminding us.

Wendy said...

What a delightful safari! I love that striped beetle - he looks like the candy called "humbug"! I don't think I'd like to find out how he tastes, however. LOL!

It must be nice to get out to the prarie. Especially after a thundershower. Everything would be washed clean (or drowned!). We also have had rainy weather.

Love the monarch in the first pic. Actually they're all lovely.
I am glad you are enjoying summer.

ShySongbird said...

What an amazing creature your Praying Mantis is and I liked the striped beetle as well. Lovely photos and another great safari.

Anonymous said...

A wonderful set of pictures! All the bugs look beautiful especially the mantis. The grasshopper gives me a bit of creeps but this is because I feel kind of uneasy looking at them since I was a kid.
You must have had a great time seeing all these critters alive!

Juliet said...

I thought the beetle looked like chocolate!

Lovely photos, as always - I'm just catching up again.

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

The last one is too good. The bee is landing on its food-court :)

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